Friday, June 6, 2014

7QT on a June Day

Wow, June already.  Who is speeding up these months?  On the agenda for June we have a Kindergarten graduation (sniff, sniff), my niece's 8th grade graduation, the kids getting out of school for the summer, Phil getting out of work for the summer, Altar Server Bootcamp, and a 24 hour getaway for our family to celebrate a great school year!

What would a blog post be without an updated picture of the resident Martin baby?

Declan is 2 months old and still falling off the growth curves at each appointment.  He is now in the 15% for his weight.  Poor skinny little man.  Our pediatrician is starting to get a little bit concerned as to why since he eats from me nonstop when we are together, and gets my pumped breastmilk while I'm at work.  I joke that I'm making skim milk this time around.  She is having us come back in one month for a weight check, so we'll see what happens.  Otherwise he is a very happy and healthy baby boy, and still the main attraction in our house these days.

Today is National Donut Day!!  As if anyone needs an excuse to eat a donut :)

Just don't go to Dunkin donuts - blech.  Find a yummy mom and pop donut shop for some that are truly worth their calories!  (I love me some DD coffee and breakfast sandwiches, just not the donuts).

Father's Day is coming soon!!!  

I wrote about my gifts for guys a while back, but now I need a new idea.  What are you getting your husband or dad for the big day?

Phil and I had been thinking about letting our gym membership go.  I joined the gym 8 years ago and have faithfully used it multiple times a week since then.  But, lately we have just been so pressed on time with all the kids and have been going for family walks/bike rides or evening jogs instead.  

Yesterday was the first day I went back to the gym since I gave birth and am I sore today.  All I did was run/walk intervals on the treadmill but it helped me remember just how much I love a good sweat session.  And it seems that I can only have a really good, uninterrupted workout at the gym.  So I think keeping the membership is worth it.  Right?

Maggie has been taking Irish step dancing lessons!  I'm so so so excited about this.  We had looked around for awhile to finally find one, and it's on Cape Cod so it's a little drive, but her friend is taking them too, so her mom drives Maggie for me.  Isn't that so nice?  In the meantime, we're watching a lot of Riverdance...

That gave me chills when I saw it live as a young girl, and still does every single time I watch that clip.

Here's the two Irish girls before their first class:
Maggie is 6 and Sophie is 5, and yes Maggie is a giant :)

Still waiting on Dweej and that stubborn baby boy.  I know allllllll about that, and can't wait to hear the good news!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Declan is seriously one of the cutest babies ever. I love his big smile! Hope Maggie enjoys her lessons! I bet it will be both funny and precious to watch. :)

  2. If you actually use the gym, and it's not a strain on your budget, I'd say keep it! I would always fall off the gym wagon about 6 months into my membership and would end up wasting a ton of money. But I can only imagine how hard it is to squeeze in a trip to the gym with work, and 6 kids and all their activities!

  3. I love family get-aways!
    So here's what I decided with the gym, for us, it's just not practical when the weather gets nice. It takes too much time out of the day, when we are doing other things (fun things, out side things, exercise things). So, I think I might just do a gym membership in the winter. Who knows, still figuring it out, but it is a huge cost, so I have to make sure I am using it and this past month we have just been too busy!

  4. Ah, he is so sweet!! As far as weight gain, maybe time for the ice cream diet?!? Make sure you're getting enough fat and calories, girl!

  5. One of my associates told me it was Donut day today with an expectant-turned-disappointed (faked!) look on her face as I showed up empty-handed this morning. Gah! why can't I know these days are coming? haha

    Some babies plump up and some don't. YOur baby boy looks happy and healthy to me!

    I would love to get my girls irish step dance lessons...but, alas, it's never been in the budget (the time budget or the money budget). Maybe when they are adults they will take it up?

  6. I ate a donut today just because it was National Donut Day!

  7. I cannot wait to see a video of your girl and her dance lessons. How fun! Good for you for getting back to the gym so quickly, too!

  8. I'm thinking about getting my husband a pull-behind-his-mower sprayer. It is totally ridiculous but he'd never expect it and he'd use it and then he would not smell of stinky fertilizer after going over the grass.

    Yep. I may just be a hair on the overly-practical side

  9. have you considered buying a treadmill? I love having one at home so that I can exercise without having to leave. it was some money up front but saves a lot in the long run (haha) over several years.

  10. That gummy grin is my favorite!

  11. Declan, you cutie pie. Give that little skinny man a kiss from me, okay?
    Yay for summer days and end of the school year celebrating!
    Irish step dancing is so much fun to watch! Lily started taking classes last fall and loves it. Her classes are sporadic 6 wk sessions, but she's taken a few and made awesome progress. Her teachers are homeschooling teenage sisters who are a blast, so it makes it even more fun. I hope Maggie enjoys it too.

    Happy Weekend, Martins!

  12. It will be winter soon again--you will want to have a gym membership. keep it.

    I wanted all mine to do step dance but it's too far for us to drive.

  13. My youngest son was in the 7th percentile for weight (exclusively breastfed) but since he was always content and slept through the night I didn't worry. My doctor was pretty practical and said he would put on weight when we introduced solids and now he's chunky. Declan looks pretty cute and that smile...I love toothless grins on babies. I go back and forth on gym memberships, sometimes I want one and sometimes I'm not sure what I would do other than run on the treadmill but if it's working for you I say keep it. Especially in the winter.

  14. Oh, that baby. What a delicious way to start my day.

    We recently joined the YMCA. I've wanted to belong to a gym ever since we let our last membership lapse after Ganriel was born. However, I do not like paying for childcare. $2/child really adds up! And Kevin's daily schedule is too tight for me to just skip out when he gets home. anyway, the YMCA membership is the bomb. Really low cost, free classes for all kinds of things (guitar, dance, etc) and reduced cost for lots of other things. Plus, after I go do my workout, I try to take the kids swimming. The kids don't mind so much that way, and we all have fun playing together.

    Whewsh. Sorry for the YMCA novella! I promise, they didn't pay me to say that!

  15. Oh, boy, little Declan is just too adorable! What a JOY!! Now I'm really baby crazy!! I'm really looking forward to running again after baby - but I know I'm going to be sore too! Other than the workout aches, I hope you are feeling great, mama!

  16. Hey! I've got a skinny baby too! At 8 months old, he eats like crazy, but doesn't gain very quickly. Last check, he was in a single digit percentile. But, we're working on it and he's a happy boy. That's all that matters to me. Declan looks yummy and happy too :)


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