Monday, July 28, 2014

3rd Birthday in Photos

(Sorry in advance for all the photos, but 3rd birthdays need to be documented.)

We loaded all the kids up in the car on the morning of Xander's birthday to go to the Patriots Training Camp.

"Xander, how old are you now?"

"How about a nice one?"

I'll take it.

Declan is teething, but still so sweet and easy.

Our biggest football fan was very excited for this day!

I can see why people think Eamon and Maggie are twins.

At the practice, they have a big area filled with jumpy things and football games for the kids.  It was a gorgeous day, and the lines were long, but the kids (with some of their cousins) still had a blast:

I was hoping this would make a cute Christmas Card photo, but the birthday boy was not cooperating.

We got to meet Pat Patriot!  I was a little excited!!  He signed our kids jerseys and hats too, what a guy :)

Maybe one of these will make it on the Christmas card?

We sat on the grass to eat lunch, and his was our view of the Patriots practicing:

Always with the tongue.
Then Phil and my sister took the kids to the stands for a loser view while I nursed Declan.  Xander was ready for a nap at this point, and was not very thrilled with watching the practice:

There's Gronk (#87) in the middle - finally healthy enough to play:

Wilfork (#75) was there too - my Mom's favorite:

And my favorite, Tom Brady (#12) smiled and stretched for the fans:
Maggie said "Why is he doing a split?"
After we went home and took some much needed naps (Xander, me and Declan) we celebrated with the birthday boy's meal of his choice - pancakes, sausage, bacon, and fruit.  Then of course a cake and ice cream.

Trying to blow it out with his mouth...

Getting smart and using the fan he had in his hand instead!
Present time!

Lunchbox for preschool!

Hand-me-down Hess trucks from Miss Haley!

A guitar from Gammy and Grandpa.  My musical boy was so happy and said "I just can't believe it!"

Hugs all around!

After reading Britt's post, we bought him a toy chainsaw:

And then Declan was like "What were you thinking?"
Grandpa's huge hand.
It was such a fun day, and Xander was happy to be the center of attention.  He kept thinking his birthday was a place, and asking "When are we going to my birthday?" So funny.  I'm hoping the 3's will be a little less terrible than the 2's were, but we'll keep him either way ;)


  1. How is he 3 ? he was just born yesterday it seems. wow . happy birthday.

  2. That baby is ridiculously cute!

  3. Your family is so beautiful and makes me hopeful for many more baby blessings!! The chainsaw is a big hit around here too! Looks like Xander had a great 3rd birthday!

  4. What a birthday, Mr. Xander! It looks like a blast. Happy 3rd Birthday!!

  5. Xander!!! You look all grown up now!! OH, my goodness, and cuter than ever! Happy birthday sweetheart!! God bless you.

    And that baby brother, cuteness overload.


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