Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five Favorites

Wow, it's been so long since I've participated in Five Favorites that the host has changed!  Hi Heather!  And away we gooooooo....

Sarah and her cute crew.

Sarah is coming to visit!!  We have been blog friends for 6 years now, since finding one another's blogs back in their early days.  I prayed for years for her secondary infertility and was thrilled to watch her finally get pregnant with her third child, and then have her fourth right after that.  God is good!  I can't believe we are finally going to meet face to face, and she can see all the craziness in the Martin house.  I'm already planning the weekend, and it should include lots of sightseeing and running together.   Which leads me to....

Katie and I

The Run for the Little Flowers 5k.  I have run this virtual race (that means anyone can run it anywhere) for the last two years to help out the Little Flowers orphanage in China.  This year, the proceeds from the race are going to be split between the orphanage AND helping Katie's family cover her adoption expenses as they bring home their baby girl from China!  I'm so happy for them, especially since her name is Felicity Grace, and that was the exact name we had picked out if Declan had been a she instead of a he, which brings me to...

Declan.  Oh my gosh, can a mother have a favorite child?  No?  How about just a favorite child du jour?  Oui?  Declan is certainly on a streak then because I mean, just look at him:

He's so sweet and easy and funny, just like...

His big brother (the funny part, not the easy part).  This is a glimpse of what life is like with Alexander.  Here they are at Phil's summer camp dancing to the Chicken Dance, in a circle.  Well, everyone is supposed to be in a circle, not in the middle of the circle, and you can just guess where Xander ended up:

He can't even help himself, he's just feeling the beat!  The boy loves music, kinda like....

Peg + Cat, as in the PBS kid's show.  When I first started watching it (with the kids, it's not like I stay up late watching PBS kids shows...often) I found it very annoying.  But it has totally grown on me.  Peg (a derivitive of the name Margaret, how?what?why?) always has a REALLY BIG PROBLEM on her hands, but is able to solve it through staying calm, using math, and relying on her funny friend Cat.  The background of this show is grid paper.  My accountants heart just expands to the nth degree when I see that.

Just look at those infinity clouds.  So clever.


  1. Peg comes from Margaret like Bill comes from William--rhyming. Margaret->Meg->Peg. (I love obscure-origin nicknames. My Mary Margaret goes by Daisy, another Margaret nickname.) Thanks for the show recommendation; I'm always on the lookout for something that might get my kid out of her all-Curious-George-all-the-time rut. ;)

  2. We LOVE Peg + Cat in this house! I think it has helped my oldest's math skills, and some of the one-liners are so funny! Our favorite episode is The Dinosaur Problem/The Beethoven Problem. The kids crack up when Cat gets stuck in the yarn bush and when Peg wants to help him out he says, "I'm tangled up....and LOVING IT!"

  3. How exciting to meet Sarah and crew! I bet the kids will get along well!! Jonah will be in boy heaven!

  4. Um, you realize in exactly 3 months we'll be together, right? Yup, pretty.darn.excited. And, even if you planned nothing that whole weekend I'd just be giddy finally meeting your super family. Oh, and I am sure you know that Marijanna and I both celebrate bdays while I'm there? Just sayin'. Bday fun is to be had! :)

    I've got to check out that 5K again since somehow I managed to cheat out of it the last two years. Btw, I just signed up for my first official REAL 5K with REAL people in August. It's for a great Catholic cause and there will be priests there just in the event I don't survive and need last rites or something. lol.

    Peg + Cat. It was kind of annoying, but now we're kind of into it. And by we, of course I mean the girls. We often say "I'm totally freaking out..." "You're right, I should could backwards from 5 to calm down..." :O

  5. I am sooooo happy you and sweet Sarah are meeting!
    Blog friendship meet ups are awesome. So I've heard. : )
    Take tons and tons of pictures, ok?
    Your babe is precious. Beyond words.
    Happy Weekend!

  6. I am totally with you with Peg and Cat. Annoyed at first but its really educational! Cat is adorable, I love Pegs neighbour friends and sometimes Beethoven makes an appearance. What more could we ask for? lol

  7. Meeting blog friends IRL is the best and Jonah will have a ball! Saw Miss Peg the other day....miss Peg is Miss annoying.

  8. Yay for blogger meet-ups!
    Lisbeth loves to count by ten the 'Peg & Cat' way.

  9. Aww, I've missed you!!! Your littlest is SO adorable! Yay for blog friend visits. I still hold out hope that we'll meet up someday ;) Hugs and love to ya!

  10. Great pics:) Happy birthday, Xander!

  11. That was FUNNY!! Goodness, he's not shy, is he!! lol. That was fun to watch!

  12. Loved this one! And AJ and Xander could go to their first dance together!


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