Friday, August 15, 2014

7 QT Friday: Vacay, Phone Cray, and Winding Down the Summer Days

Thank God It's FRIDAY!!!  Joining Jen and the gang for a weekly roundup.


We went on our annual summer trip to visit Phil's family in Maryland.  Lots of pictures to come (sorry not sorry).

Our trip took 8 hours each way.  We left at 4:15 am each time, and only stopped once. We travel hard.

Coffee time with two of Phil's sisters, Maggie ordered a hot chocolate with sprinkles and a Hershey kiss :)

We went out for dinner and some Keno-playing (Kenoing?) with friends, and our table won $100!  Free dinner!


Phil's sister, Diana got a horse, so we had to go visit.  The place was gorgeous!

Treats for Pip the Horse.

I love how happy everyone is in this photo for Alexander's first time feeding a horse.

Diana put them all to work, it was great.

That was a hard day's work.

If I liked horses and the smell of manure, this place would be Heaven.

Phil wanted to get a photo of me staying far away from the horses (it's not my cup of tea).

Can't believe Xander is starting preschool soon!


We swam every day except one!  Thankful for neighbors with pools!
Andrew mastered the full flip off the diving board.

Maggie began diving.

John-Paul prefers cannon balls.

Eamon became a great diver and Alexander started swimming on his own (with his "muscles") - finally!

Declan just watched from the sidelines, he's a land lover like his mama.

The worst part of vacation was that Phil jumped into the pool with his brand spanking new iPhone in his pocket.  He tried sticking it in rice for 2 days, but no luck, it was fried.  He is getting a replacement one through our insurance today.  He felt so bad, but hey, in the end, it's just a phone.  A really nice, expensive, splurge of a phone ;)


Frozen yogurt on vacation is mandatory, right?

Cousin Tommy was so happy to play with his cousins, and vice versa.

Cutie Lenora is 15 months and envied Xander's treat!

My Irish twins - not because of how far apart they are in age, but because they are Irish.


We went to the tire park with Gramps, who spoiled my kids with Happy meals after and then a trip to the peach orchard for some yummy peaches!

I had to include this photo because of the Dad in the background like "Enough already!"

My princess :)

All Six!
I guess when people ask us if we're "done" we will have to say yes, because they won't all fit in the car.  Wink.

Put your hands in the air!  (Even Declan did it!)

We had a great time seeing all the family, it seems like every summer we go down, there's a new baby from someone, and there's only 3 married couples in Phil's family!  A bunch of overachievers is what we are ;)

Sr. Denise meets Declan for the first time!

Bob & Larisa and their 7 kids, Phil & I with our 6 kids, Sr. Denise, Nana and Gramps, Erin, Diana, Kelly & TJ and their 2 kiddos, and Uncle John.  Phew!

Make a funny face!

Our family, with our niece, Maura, photobombing :)
And just like that, summer is almost over.  I go back to work full time next week, and Phil and the kids start school the week after.  Goodbye Summer 2014, you've been good to us!


  1. Wonderful vacation, Colleen!
    Such happy faces!
    I'm with you on the horses. And the land loving.
    Someone has to stay back and keep everything organized, right?
    How exactly did this summer pass so quickly?
    Best wishes for a smooth transition for you all.

  2. Everyone looks great. I kept laughing seeing Declan in his car seat in those playground photos. Too funny.
    And 8 hours in the car each way with kids as young as yours? You are my hero.
    Glad you had a fun time.

  3. This is my first time on your blog and I can tell your family has a lot of fun together! :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I remember Phil's sisters from college! I didn't know them well, but by name at least. I may have had a class with Erin? Anyway, looks like you all had a great trip!

    1. Such a small Steubie world :)

  5. Totally understand the iPhone pain! My hubby has managed to do that THREE times since I've known him. Both in pools and the Gulf! I was ready to buy him a purse for his phone so he couldn't make that mistake again, haha ;), which apparently scared him straight as he's managed not to douse the iPhone in three years! Whew!

  6. Such cuties. Every time I see pictures of not-California in the summer, I'm mildly shocked that everything is *still* green. We only get green for a few weeks each spring and fall.

  7. Looks like a blast! Where, pray tell, is that tire park? Wonder if it's near my neck of the woods in MD?

  8. Love the photo of all six kids! I'm not a horse person either. Too scared ;)

  9. My kids go back on Monday and I'm with you - where has the summer gone?? Looks like you guys had a great trip!

  10. You were so close! Next time, let me know you're coming and I'll take you to lunch. Glad you had a good trip. :)


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