Monday, September 15, 2014

A Daybook

Outside my window...

...sunny and crisp.  It's definitely feeling like the Fall, which is my most favorite season ever!  We forgot to close a couple windows last night, and were freezing this morning as it was in the forties, brrrr.  

I am thinking...

....of running another half-marathon.  But not until March which means I can procrastinate on the training for a few more months.  I keep thinking I'm not able to work out hard because "I just had a baby!" but that baby is 5 months now and I ran my last half-marathon when Alexander was 7 months.  So no excuses.

March 2012

I am thankful for...

...the kids all seem to be settling into their new school very well.  Alexander loves his teachers and talks about them all the time (one of his teachers is really beautiful and wears dresses and high heels and he thinks she is soooo pretty).  This year, all the kids get free breakfast and lunch at school (thanks to a government program) and so I'm thankful that our grocery bills are declining and we don't have to make breakfast in the morning.

From the kitchen...

...Ummm, I'd have to leave work and see if my imaginary wife was home cooking anything delicious.  But since she's kinda lazy, we'll be having stuffed chicken and salad tonight.  No dessert because I overate all weekend long!!

I am wearing...

...Maternity navy blue cords (not pregnant), a white tank top and a navy and white cardigan.  My hair is also chopped in a bob above my shoulders and my face is wearing some noticeable bags from last night.

I am creating...

...simple meal plans on my Google calendar each week.  We have soccer practices three afternoons a week, and are struggling to get healthy and fast dinners on the table.  

A little planning and nighttime cooking (for the next day) are going to help me out big time.

I am going... start going to Adoration for an hour once a week.  I know my head thinks I am too busy for this, but my heart and soul NEED it.  Plus I always find that if you make time for prayer and Mass, you somehow get more accomplished each day.  It's the graces, baby.

I am reading...

...nothing.  I have to read A Mother's Rule of Life that Sophia Institute Press sent to me for review, so I need to make some time for that at night before I crash hard.

I am hoping...

...that Declan sleeps better tonight!  We moved him into a crib in Alexander's room, but last night was a disaster.  he peed through his pajamas, woke up about 4 times, ate once, and woke up Alexander with his fussing.  We will buy some nighttime diapers and hope that helps.

I am hearing...

...sweet sweet silence.

Around the house...

...So not only did we set up the crib and put the little boys in one bedroom together, but we moved Maggie out to the open hallway to create a bedroom for her.  She has a queen bed and dresser and we need to hang curtains to divide her bedroom from the hallway.  I'll show photos when it's finished.  As Phil was setting up the crib for the 6th time, he said how happy he was to be getting it out again, and I told him that my body and that crib were on it's last legs, so not to get any ideas :)

But he's so cuuuute!!

One of my favorite things...

...a chocolate pumpkin bread recipe my friend gave me.  Oh boy is it delicious!  Come over and I;ll bake you some :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:

~ 4 Soccer practices
~ 4 Soccer games
~ Family Fun Night at the kid's school
~ A weight check and shots for Declan (He was 14.45 pounds at 5 months)
~ Middle school youth group for John-Paul

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

Apple Picking 2013, because it's almost time again!!

Happy Monday!


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of Maggie's new room! Hopefully tonight will be better for Declan (and for you!). But you are right, he is a little cutie!

  2. I want to see....
    a picture of you with your new bobbed haircut!

    You can't post something like that without posting a picture!

    1. Haha, it's on my Instagram feed on the right sidebar...

  3. Love it!
    You sound really busy.
    I need to create a day-book one day..
    love the keep calm go to adoration sign.
    I really feel at peace at adoration at our church I am scheduled for 9pm tuesdays
    and I pray the divine mercy..
    love it...

    1. Good for you!! I am signed up for 9:30 on Thursday nights. It's late so I should have no excuses was to why I can't get there...except I might fall asleep ;)

  4. I want to run a half marathon so badly with Kirk. I want to train with him though and so we have tabled it until Anna is old enough to babysit. I have had a holy hour since before having any kids on Saturdays at 5:00. Sometimes I have to really talk myself into going, but I am never sorry that I went. It is such precious prayer time for me.

    1. Training together would be amazing! Phil and I train separately but usually run our last long run together and then the race together. We make it a date :)

  5. I love that your husband is excited about setting up the baby crib again! A great example of a pro-life husband and family. That is awesome. Also stuffed chicken and salad is not lazy, that sounds delicious.

    1. Oh yeah, he's a baby guy! I should have clarified that the stuffed chicken was frozen, and all I had to do was heat it up!

  6. So I have been out of blogging for most of the year. I didn't even realise you were pregnant much less have a 5 month old. Feeling really behind in the news. Congratulations. Declan is gorgeous. Hoping to keep up with your news and blog a bit more.

    Therese. xoxo.

    1. I'm getting out of the blogging loop also, it's so hard to keep up! Glad to see you around :)

  7. A great Daybook post, Colleen. They are some of my favorites because they are easy to read and share tidbits of all the randoms going on. I also find them easier to write so as not to over-exhaust my feeble mom brain.
    It sounds like things are going well at your house and hopefully Declan's nights will get better. We're in a BAD routine of night wakings for numerous kids and numerous reasons. This morning I am a zombie mom. Children BEWARE!
    We are taking in the fall here too and making plans for fun activities. An apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and family hayride will come in October. Oh, and a nephew gets married too. So much going on before I hop on the plane!
    A half marathon??!! You go, girl! I just ran 2 miles straight for the first time since summer got too hot and busy. It had been way too long. It felt good though and I feel it in the 'ol thighs today.

    Have a great week, pretty lady.

    1. I just bought a Groupon for a pumpkin patch/corn maze place for the weekend while you are here, so I hope you aren't bored! I've only run 6 miles as my longest since DK was born, so I have a lot more training to do, and I'm actually not looking forward to it this time. My body's getting old!!


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