Monday, November 3, 2014


See new header photo :)


  1. Awww, Martin, why you gotta go and make me cry right away in the morning??!! You did my trip justice by recounting everything so wonderfully (and therefore making me also sound much more awesome. ha!). Hitting all the points from beginning to end thrilled that place in my heart that was created just for the Martins. Now that you've done such an amazing job, I can just simply link to your post for all the details when I finally get mine up. lol. Except my version is really going to highlight the awesomeness of you and your family, which essentially can't even begin to be put into words.
    I so enjoyed rereading the tale of our weekend and seeing the photos. I laughed when I saw Fr. Jay and Fr. Dave's photo because I loved their back and forth friendly banter that evening. Oh my gosh, hilarious. It also calls to mind the looks on their faces when they finally realized where our friendly connection had taken place "FROM THE BLOG!!??" I laugh every time I remember it. :)

    We're eagerly awaiting a MN visit and my kids are already making plans on how they can meet and hang out with the Martins. Until then, our hearts are connected by a most unusual computer relationship that finally made our real life encounter.

    ps...the new header....I've been eagerly awaiting its arrival and it didn't disappoint. I am *grinning* from ear to ear! The cutest. EVER.

  2. Love the new picture! Super sweet.


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