Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Babies and Braces, Sleepovers and Saints

Declan Kolbe turned 9 months on January 2, and can now army crawl all over the place (the cat is scared...haha, scaredy cat!).  

He has 8 teeth with more coming in, will not eat solid foods yet, hates anything cold (yogurt, sippy cups of water), and is still a skinny minny little thing.  

He weighs in at 17 pounds and is 29 inches tall.  Long and lean, which should serve him well for the future.


I had my yearly physical as well too, and while I won't share my weight (a lady never tells!) I will say that all my bloodwork came back perfectly normal, and next week I have a chiropractor appointment to work out a hip/knee issue and an eye exam because it's been three years!  Whoops, time got away from me on that one.  The only thing left is a dermatologist appointment to check my freckly Irish skin, and hopefully that will be all the medical help I need in 2015.  I am constantly praying for Paul and Elise and Nella on their cancer journeys, and invite you to do the same.  Such young people with young families - it's heartbreaking!

Moving on....

John-Paul got braces!  

He such a cute little brace face, and dealt with them really well.  He picked blue and green bands, and has been brushing/flossing/mouthwashing religiously since they were put on his teeth.  I am so impressed with him, he's turning into such an awesome young adult. 

Phil and I escaped for an overnight right after Christmas, something we need to try and do once a year because it was amazing!  No worries about what time it was, or who needed help, no cooking or cleaning or dropping off kids to practices, no demands at all.  

Phil got the romance package (ooh la la) at a cute hotel on Cape Cod, and we went out to eat, shopped at Trader Joe's (it's a treat because we don't have one close), and even played Keno at a sports bar.  

The next morning, we slept in until 8:00!!  Perfection!  (If you think 8 is early, know that most mornings start at 5:30 at the Martin Casa.)

Eamon and Maggie start basketball this week, JP has a science project to finish that includes water being cleaned by the sun and since it's freezing outside and the water needs to be outside, well, we're basically making dirty ice.  Ugh, should have thought that one through!  You live, you learn, you do indoor science projects in the winter.

We all picked saints for 2015 using Jen's Saint Generator (it's become our New Year's Day tradition):

Can you read my messy writing?

Alright, I think I've bored you enough with these random updates.  I'm trying to blog more, but I've got nothing to say it seems.  Tata for now!


  1. Colleen, my little grandbaby is 9 months, too. When I see yours and Dwija's little boys and get a hankering to nom a baby cheek or two I have one I can go to!! lol. Love the baby pics.

  2. hooray for a romantic night out!

  3. Sierra got braces last year, and I'm hoping we're nearing the end. It's amazing how much they change and transform!! He looks great! And yay for you two getting a night away. Jeremy and I got to go to Lake Tahoe a year ago, and it was so nice. Guess we should plan another trip one of these days. How I would love to travel back east to see YOU!!

  4. Wow, what a cutie Declan is!

    And an overnight with just your husband!? What a treat!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Haven't checked your blog in awhile. 9 months? I thought he was older for some reason. He must be long and lean for sure. My Maggie is 6 mo. and almost the same as Declan. He's looking a lot like his brothers too I think. Very cute :)


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