Sunday, February 22, 2015

What I Did Over February Vacation, A Week in Review

Wanna hear a lemons-to-lemonade story?  

Every year, we get a week off from school (which means work for us too) in the middle of February.  I think maybe this is a New England thing, but I'm  not sure.  Anyway, we had planned on taking the kids to Hilton Head, South Carolina for the week because my parents were renting a place there.  But the closer it got to the break, the more huge snow storms we had, the more illnesses we kept catching, we decided not to go.  A 20 hour drive each way wouldn't be worth it if someone was sick, or if the weather was bad.  As luck would have it, we did get another big snow storm the day we were supposed to leave, and Declan and I had nasty colds.  

To make up for the disappointment of no vacation, we told the kids we would do something fun everyday.  So here's what we did...


Valentine's Day breakfast out at one of our favorite local restaurants, and then I took the kids to see the Sponge Bob movie.  I can't stand cartoons, except Peg + Cat, but the kids seemed to think it was funny.   


We woke up to more snow!  Since we were home bound, Sunday's fun activity was a camp out sleepover in the family room.


Phil took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese because he is a glutton for punishment.  :)

That night, we went to a local restaurant and played trivia with some coworkers and won!  Phil named our team "50 Grades of A" because it was a group of teachers.  So punny, that man o' mine.


JP got his bottom braces (oh the pain!) , and we went to Coldstone Creamery for Fat Tuesday.  Yum!


I had to work and Phil had a camp meeting with the administrators at the kids' school, so all of their respective kids got to play together.  15 kids in all!  Then they came home and went sledding.  Declan worked on his Couch to Walking program :)


Two of the kid's friends came over, and they went out for frozen yogurt (we do a lot of eating when we plan fun things!)


Family bowling with a groupon!  And cousins!

I lost the first round, but something happened in the second round, and my inner bowler came out.  I got a turkey (I'm "C" in the photo below)! Phil would like me to clarify that I got those strikes with bumpers in the gutters.  I would like to clarify that some people are sore losers ;)


This was the biggest day of fun for the big boys in the family.  One of our friends won tickets to the Monster Truck Jam, which included seats in the judges' booth and VIP passes to meet the drivers.  She couldn't use them, and graciously offered them to us, so Phil took J-P, Andrew and Eamon to celebrate J-P's 12th birthday in Monster Truck Style.  Phil even got to be one of the six judges, which he said was pretty intense!

While they were doing guy stuff, I took Magie, Xander, and Declan to a Children's Museum on Cape Cod, because playas gotta play, and making a mess of an indoor children's museum sounded a lot more appealing then letting them destroy my house.  We went with a friend and her three kids too, and the kids had lots of fun and all fell asleep on the way home.  Winning!

Today we have a basketball game for J-P and Andrew, and lots of eating sweets and junk food to do, I think that counts as fun on this Lenten Sunday.  And that's another February vacation for the (digital scrap) books.


  1. Sounds awesome! but after a week like that I would need a week to myself to recover.

    1. Oh it wasn't too bad - just one fun thing a day :) I'm sure you do that anyways, it just looks like more when it's all spelled out. Gotta keep them from killing each other :)

  2. The youngest cannot be walking yet! he's a baby!

    1. He's 10 months already :) He's not walking on his own, just furniture walking.

  3. Monster Trucks! OMG my boys would love that too! I really like your idea of one fun thing a day for a week. Perhaps we'll do that for our spring break in March. Klayton has a ton of leave built up so I'm sure I could wrangle him into the idea. =)

  4. I love trivia nights! I'm wishing we had a children's museum close by, too... I'm tired of Sophie trashing the house everyday. :) Sounds like it was a good stay-cation!


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