Friday, April 10, 2015

7QT Because it's Friday and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


JP and Declan had physicals this week, and Phil brought them in.  JP is 12 and is 4'11 and Declan is 1 and weighs 19 pounds.  That's all the stats he could remember.  I like to know my numbers, but the doctor says they are great!  I think they are both a little on the tall side, a little below average for weight and BMIs are good.  The doctor, whom we love, did ask to pull JP aside, and Phil agreed.  JP reported nothing strange was asked, she just "checked my privates and told me puberty was starting".  She also asked Phil if he wanted JP to get the HPV vaccine now or wait a year.  He was caught off guard since we haven't discussed it, and said we would wait a year.  Which leads to my questions...

A) Will you vaccinate for HPV? Why or why not?

B) Do you let the doctor speak to your child in private?  Maybe it's a law?


Andrew has started lacrosse this week, his first game is on Sunday, and I'm nervous.  He has to wear so much gear!  That's to protect him from GETTING STICKS AND BALLS WHIPPED AT HIM!  We've never done a physical contact sport before, as I've told them football and hockey are out of the question, but I thought lacrosse was less dangerous.  Then I found out it's a warrior sport and now I'm scared.  What was I thinking?


I put on my favorite jamberry nail wraps to date:

They really look like I had them professionally done!  I'm so excited to show them off at...


...two auctions we are attending this next week!  One for the high school where we work, and one for my kids' elementary school.  I love a night out with a purpose, having fun, getting good deals, hanging out with friends and supporting Catholic schools - it's a win to the win, win, win.


My outfit today is one of my new Spring favorites :)


I am praying for Fulton, a pregnant friend, St. Rebecca Irene, and our house to list and sell quickly.  Please join me if you wouldn't mind :)


Don't forget to enter the driveway safety net giveaway!  These things are expensive and make your driveway so much safer!!!  I'm sure if you don't need one, you know a family who does :)

Have a wonderful Springish weekend!!


  1. I love your spring outfit! Elle is my favorite clothing brand. You are looking good! Have fun this weekend!

  2. I'm curious on the vaccine question too. My oldest is 9 and we are going to be needing to make that decision soon.

    cute outfit!

  3. Cute outfit!
    Current thinking is that we will vaccinate but wait till after our daughters start menstruating as there have been some reports of ovarian failure when given too early. As our oldest is 7 haven't faced the privacy question yet.

  4. Ummmm it's funny to me that you thought lacrosse is less aggressive than hockey. We live in a hockey state, but lacrosse is very popular too, having watched both sports professionally live, lacrosse is much more agressive.... they hit each other and whack with the lacrosse sticks and it's not even a penalty, vs. hockey where slashing etc is a penalty. I love both sports though.

    As far as the HPV vaccine goes... I won't be giving it to my daughter when she gets old enough. I would do some research, I know I have seen lots of people post against it for various reasons.

  5. Oh, I wish I was bold enough to wear red pants. I am so boring in my clothing choices.
    With regards to your questions:
    HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. It can not be contracted any other way. The premise behind vaccinating children is the old attitude "they are going to have sex anyway".
    There is no law that a doctor has to be allowed to speak to your child in private unless he has a court order.
    Ah, lacrosse, my boys are begging to play and I keep thinking it looks as rough as football and hockey. I'm afraid they will not like you very much Mrs. Martin after I share this new info with them about all the protective gear.

    1. Regarding the HPV vacc, there is also the consideration of parents who want to protect their daughters. Even if their daughters are not sexually active before marriage, one cannot predict the exposure of their future spouses. Like a convert who has multiple partners before accepting the Church's teaching on chastity.

  6. Is Andrew loving lacrosse? I hope so! Obviously my kids are much younger than yours but I think 12 is the perfect age to start talking with doctors alone for short bits so that they grow to be self sufficient adults who can be in control of their own appointments someday.

  7. Thank you for the prayers! Also, when I took Peter to get his shots for 6th grade they were going to automatically give him the HPV vaccine. They seemed highly annoyed when I told them not to bother that we didn't want it. I am pro vaccine but I'm not comfortable that enough research has been done on this one. And I just feel like it's being pushed by the same people that are trying to get everyone on birth control. I could be wrong but my gut wasn't feeling good about this one so we passed.

  8. I love those pants!! I have awhile before the HPV vaccine comes up, (and we do vaccinate our kids) but I don't think we'll do it. I don't think that assuming they will have sex (thus possibly contracting HPV) is a good enough reason for us to do it, plus, I've heard enough to have concerns about the effectiveness/side results.

  9. I would not by comfy with the doctor talking to ours privately and I hope there isn't a law where that's required. Actually, I read an article that an office was doing that and not giving the parents the option and that's just wrong! I just had my 11 year old in last week for booster shot and physical and the doc asked her (with me there) if she started her period and asked my permission before a quick peek under underwear, my daughter would have freaked if she was alone! LOL We aren't doing HPV anytime soon. Still trying to get the hang of the jamberrys and making them last 2 weeks!!

  10. We will not be getting the HPV vaccine due to the effectiveness and side effects, but also because of the philosophy that "kids are going to do it anyways so you might as well be protected." For girls, definitely research the Gardisil vaccine because another 17 year old died from it last week I believe. It's pushed more for girls than boys I believe because of the "what if she's raped?" scenario. I know you'll do what's best for your family but research is certainly a key factor.
    I will also never let a nurse or doctor talk to my child alone. Mostly because we move so much that we don't see a regular "family" doctor that often. And, because we've had some bad doctors, we've unfortunately gotten to the point where we just don't trust them. But, if you trust your doctor and are comfortable with them then I don't see a problem letting them have a private chat. Good luck making those decisions for your soon-to-be big kids. =)

  11. I hope this isn't a duplicate comment; my browser is acting up.

    I wouldn't let a healthcare provider speak with my child alone, not unless my child personally requested that privacy or the physician or nurse was someone I knew and trusted very well. I don't need someone of professional authority undermining our family ethics by slipping in the usual sex/contraception talk behind Momma's back.

    Regarding the HPV vacc, simply as a vaccine I don't know enough about it yet. But assuming our children will be chaste is not a reason for avoiding the vaccination. One's daughter could save sex for marriage but still be vulnerable to cervical cancer on account of her husband's prior exposure. She could marry a convert. 'Just can't predict some things.

  12. We're holding off on the HPV vaccine- at least for now. Our oldest is 13. I see no value in getting it now- when i have zero concern that she will become sexually active anytime soon. A few more years of research will be a good thing, I think. There is a lot of controversy swirling around about the safety of the vaccine, so it seems better to wait. While I agree with the point a commenter made about a chaste girl being vulnerable to the former indiscretions of her husband, there is no evidence that shows the vaccine needs to be given at age 11. Or 14 or 21, for that matter. In that scenario, the vaccine could be given right before marriage, I think. Also, as I understand it, there is no evidence regarding how long the vaccine is effective. So if one is vaccinated at 12 but doesn't become sexually active until 25, is the vaccine still protecting you?
    Do your own research. You and Phil will make the right decision for your children.

  13. I have heard that there are state laws that require a pediatrician to speak to a child alone once they hit puberty. At one point, I remember seeing a chart, which broke down the states that had those laws and the ones that don't (wish I could find it). (Even if the laws don't require that conversation, most laws permit the teen to make an appointment on their own and to be seen without their parents' consent, even if the parents ultimately get the bill.) By the time my kids hit puberty (and given how much "big brother" government we already have and how little respect religious liberty is given in our country's laws), I anticipate they will be more and more common. For that reason, we chose a pediatrician who is a devout Catholic from our church, and we know he will support our stance on those issues. That said, I still will probably resist letting him speak to my kids entirely alone, although I don't know how much ground I'll have to stand on by that time.

    As to HPV, I honestly don't know what we will do. Believe it or not, I had the Gardasil vaccine, which came out when I was in my early 20's. I knew nothing about it at that time, nor did I know that HPV was an STD. At that point in my life, I was Catholic, but it was before my reversion and I didn't really understand the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality. All I knew is that I didn't want cervical cancer, so I went for the shot. It didn't occur to me to question it or try to get more information. I didn't have any side effects from it. Since then, I have heard about the problems with it and am concerned enough to question whether I will vaccinate my children. When the time comes, I feel comfortable asking my Catholic pediatrician for his recommendation, and I'll probably take it.


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