Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nature's Call of Duty (She Said Doody)

With the exception of Alexander (he's always the exception to the Martin rule) my kids were all scared to go #2 on the potty.  It took quite a bit of encouraging (and a whole lot of prunes) to get them going.  I had heard about a book called Everyone Poops that was all the rage when we were newbie parents, and though I never read the book, I used the main idea to encourage my kids.  "There's nothing to be scared of...everyone poops!"  "Mom poops, Dad poops, the dogs and cats and birds poop...everybody poops, and so can you!"  You get the idea.  

Being a parent and having 5 boys in the house means lots of poop talk and potty humor.  But it has helped me in other areas of my adult life.  You know when you have stage fright and the infamous "they" say to picture everyone in the audience in their underwear?  Well, I could never do that and still suffer from public speaking panic.  But what does help me on a daily basis is to remind myself that everybody poops.

That exceptionally beautiful woman who always looks perfectly put together?  She poops.

The handsome guy who wouldn't give you the time of day back when you were interested?  He poops.

The manager or boss at work that intimidates you?  He poops.

The doctor who is giving you a way-too-through physical exam?  She poops.

The parent with the well-behave kids at church?  They both poop.

You're friend's child who can seem to do no wrong?  She poops.

If you're disgusted by all this potty talk and can't believe I'm discussing it?  I know you poop too.

There's no greater equalizer than realizing that everybody poops.  Ain't no shame in my game.


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