Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Say Geronimo!

Say Geronimo is my current favorite song, and it feels like this busy season of life right now.  We've got lots going on (it's a May thing, right?) and we're jumping in and having fun!  Bombs away!

First up is Maggie the star!  She was in a Disney Musical at her school, and it was so wonderful!  I can't believe how much talent these kids have - singing, dancing, acting - just wow. 

 She totally loves being on stage and when it was over said now she didn't know what she would do with her time.  So dramatic, that one.  Pun intended.

I said "Strike a pose" and this is what I got.

She was a "snowflake" in Frozen...


Her best buddy, Robby was the only boy in the musical and totally rocked out as Lightening McQueen.

Even the principal got in on the act, so fun!

Maggie was a "wild animal" in the Lion King...

A "Singing in the Rain" dancer...

An "orphan girl" in Annie...

And a "High School Musical" dancer...

The show was over 2 hours long on both Friday and Saturday nights, but so entertaining!

Next up is Andrew and the 5k race he ran on Sunday morning.  

Phil and Eamon ran it too, and Eamon got a personal record of 27:36 (Phil ran with him).  

But Andrew ran ahead and placed 2nd in his age group with a time of 22:05.  I can't even handle the speed!!  His nemesis, Harry, beat him in this race but told Andrew that if he would have trained, he could have won.  It's nice to have a sweet nemesis :)

And then after all the racing was over, it was time for Eamon's First Communion!!!

We had a Sacrament Shindig after Mass, celebrating Eamon & Tommy's 1st Communion and Meg's upcoming Confirmation.

Eamon & Tommy

This kid has a special calling, methinks.

JP and Andrew served the Mass, so it was extra special, and I may have cried a few times.  I can't help it!

Monsignor posed with Eamon and then with his altar servers...two present servers and one future server!

Gammy & Grandpa

The three amigos - Tommy, Ryan, and Eamon.  All cousins born within 4 months of each other.

Eamon with his godparents, Uncle Adam & Aunt Holly
What a busy and fun weekend!  Unfortunately, I was a little dehydrated/low blood sugar after the Mass and missed the party, but I hear it was off the hook ;)  Eamon came home with lots of gifts and money and was just so joyful at receiving Our Lord.  I wish we all felt that way every time we receive!


  1. I love all these great pictures! Maggie is just the cutest thing in all of her costumes and that picture of Eamon with Mary is just so sweet. I hope you are feeling better! I hate you had to miss the party.

  2. Post show depression is like a thing in the theater world. It usually subsides after a few days. Maggie is adorable and I think it's swell she had such a good time. And Eamon is probably headed for the priesthood right? Or a deacon. I love the excitement in his eyes. He gets it. Way more than most second graders I think.

  3. Wow, that is a lot! Maggie looked just adorable in her costume! I am excited to see if Eamon becomes a priest. . .

  4. Y'all are so busy, but making some awfully fun memories along the way! Miss you <3

  5. I have not seen the white cloaks for the First Communicants before. I like that. Congrats, it is a big day in Catholic kid's life!

  6. So busy! So fun! I bet Maggie did an amazing job, rockstar girl. The boys and running, wow! Eamon and the smile on his First Communion is just contagious. Keep on taking those photos and enjoying the busy days and wonderful memories!

  7. I am coming back to this post to tell you that I have had Say Geronimo in my head since yesterday. Super duper ridiculously catchy.

  8. These pictures were all so great! I could have looked at hundreds more. Everyone is growing up so fast and Eamon has to be the sweetest thing! And I can't believe how fast he and Andrew are!!!


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