Friday, June 5, 2015

7QT: Happy June!

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I have to tell you this now so you have a chance to run to Dunkin Donuts because it's FREE DONUT DAY!  And running there would burn off the calories you're about to ingest :)

We've been trying to make our coffee at home every morning, but treated ourselves this morning to DD and wondered why the line was soooooo long.  Then the nice lady (who calls everybody "sweetheart" or "honey", is that a DD thing?) asked if we wanted a free donut.  What the what?  Why even ask, just throw it in the bag.  I don't love donuts, but I do love free things :)


Our house has been on the market since May 1, and we are praying it sells, but have had a lot of peace about just figuring something else out if it didn't.  Until recently.  Because, recently a house went on the market that belongs to a former retired co-worker.  This awesome lady had NINE kids, and had a custom built house for their gigantic family with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (they did have 8 girls!) on an acre of land in a wonderful neighborhood.  It's actually the same street where we drop off Declan to his home daycare provider.  

Part of the front, there's also an in-law suite off to the right side.

I can't stop thinking about this house and how perfect it would be!  It doesn't help that the lady who owns it told me that we had to come see the inside because it would be perfect for us and that they really want a nice big family to buy it.  When I protested it was waaaaay out of our price range (like $129,000 too much), she said "Well you never know!" with a wink.  

The back, imagine the parties we could host!

Please Lord, help me either find a money tree or detach me from this house lust.  Amen.


This winter, my Kitchen Aid mixer died.  My mom had given each of her four daughters a Kitchen Aid mixer as a bridal shower gift, so I used mine for 13 years.  I loved it so much, but didn't want to spend the money on a new one.  So I tried to use our little hand-held mixer, I tried to use elbow grease + a whisk, but nothing mixed like my standing mixer.  Phil was tired of hearing me complain every time I went to cook, and told me he was about to buy the mixer online, and I just had to come pick the color.  So I picked my favorite color, and she is a beauty:

I'm so excited that I can't even decided what to mix first.  Suggestions?


JP and his concrete poem.  I think that's what it's called, I don't know.  Sixth grade is too hard for me ;) 


Sometimes I lock myself in my bedroom, lay in bed, and eat chocolate.  I don't know if it's depressing or smart.  These Milka bars from Austria are so deliciously evil.  My thighs are in a war with my mouth.  Don't eat it!  Eat it!  Oh everybody just be quiet, I need some chocolate!


 I have to work tomorrow - boohoohoo.  We have such a busy weekend with a graduation party for my nephew, lacrosse practice, a lacrosse game, a birthday party for my brother-in-law, an open house (see #2), a Father Daughter dance, and a date!  After the work part is over, it will be fun!


Wow, Bruce Jenner has certainly transformed himself!

I liked the two-part articles posted at on how we are called to respond to all of this.  My heart breaks for him as he struggles to find happiness. God loves you Bruce!  Just the way He created you because He doesn't make mistakes!

Have a wonderful, sunny, gorgeous Spring weekend everybody!


  1. Holy cow, Colleen! I have houselust over that beauty! I know you can't get your hopes up, but you know the people selling and they want a nice, big family... How great would that be?!?

  2. I love that house. Will be praying for you!! Enjoy your packed but probably fun weekend!

  3. LOVE that house! We are sort-of in the same boat here. We'd like to move to a house with more land and hope it becomes our forever home, but haven't found anything we love unless it's WAY out of our price range. Then there's the whole selling of our current home part of that too. Praying your home sells quickly!!

  4. Praying that God answers your prayers!

  5. Will be praying house-wise! Have a good if busy weekend!!

  6. Love the mixer! That's my favorite color too. I still have my Kitchen-Aid I got as a wedding present (also from my mom) almost 14 years ago.

  7. That house! (insert heart eyes emoji) So fun that you got a new Kitchenaid mixer... one of these years I'll justify the $$ for one!

  8. House-lust = made me laugh... I hope it works out. We accidentally bought our house (we really didn't need to move YET plus I was 8 months pregnant) from this nice Catholic family (who neither of us knew really well) but it has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and they were either desperate to sell or were being nice to us on the price we negotiated : )

  9. Love that house! I would have house lust too. We are in the same situation with #5 on the way . . . . we really need more space, but the cost of a bigger house is just insane in the DC area (as I am sure it is there too!). We are not trying to sell our house right now though. Praying yours sells soon!!

  10. The house! Love. I could totally see you Martins living there and me coming back to visit you there. Ok, that doesn't help you at all, does it? Sorry. Praying for your house to sell and the perfect house for your beautiful family that stays in price range.

    Pretty new mixer. I say mix up some muffins. I'm kind of all about muffins lately.

    The chocolate does look smooth and yummy. Thankfully, even in pregnancy I've been able to manage everything in moderation and no crazy funky cravings. Not that the scale shows it when I jumped six stinkin' lbs this past month. I'm trying to be oblivious and not pay attention to those numbers. I also think the weight isn't all in my belly or the baby, but a bit higher if you get where I'm going with this. For reals, those things are packing on the weight. Oh mama.....

    With that, I wish you a happy weekend. Get through the work part and then the fun. Enjoy!


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