Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happenings and Goings On

It's hard to sit down and write in the summer time.  When I'm not working, I want to be outside doing stuff with the family like the rest of you.  But, every once in a while I need to document things so that my yearly blog book holds all the memories.

So, first up is the most important thing that's happened recently...Eamon served his first Mass!  He attended our parish's Altar Server Bootcamp for three days, and now he is allowed to serve with his big brothers who gently lead him around the altar and whisper his duties.  It is so beautiful to see.  Eamon has a Godly heart and I think surpasses me in his holiness already at age 8.  

Even better, his cousin and bestie, Tommy, became a server with him!

Declan is finally getting his molars, so that's been...fun.  When he's not crabby, he loves being outside, which is great because between all the sports practices and summer activities we do, he's outside a lot!  

We've had a few cooler days here recently, so I've been able to run after work, and look at my view yesterday while I was running around the city park.  I had to tiptoe through those feather brains and their droppings because someone was feeding them bread.  Don't feed the birds!  It's bad for them.

On the subject of feeding, Phil and I are trying to eat healthy because we both noticed some winter insulation that never got the summertime memo.  So it's been lots of greek yogurt, grilled chicken, and salads for us.  But we have so many reasons to break the diet (birthday parties, holiday parties, we lost a pound parties) that we're not really losing any weight.  

Maggie got her haircut!  I had cut it about a month ago, but it wasn't straight and was driving me crazy, so I had it professionally done.  It came out so cute that I want to cut mine the same!

I don't know why I don't have any photos of Xander, the resident comedian, on my phone, but I'll leave you with a Xanderism:

(Seeing Phil give me a kiss)
Xander: "Why you guys always marrying each other???"

Because we like it ;)

Have a wonderful Fourth of July, here's a video from a few years ago of the oldest parade in the country in Bristol, RI:


  1. Your family is so great! Have a happy 4th!

  2. I hate geese! Why would anyone in their right mind feed those hateful creatures???? Maggie's hair looks cute! Sarah has been pressuring me to get a bob but I just can't do it yet....

  3. Love Maggie's haircut! I hear ya with the eating, I eat a lot of salads and grilled chicken also and I am always glad I did when the birthday cake gets devoured.

  4. I love that "why you ways marrying each other?" quote. So cute. Love your blog!

  5. Geese and their poop...yuck. Hate it!
    Your kids, so cute and growing up so fast. *love* Mr. Eamon serving and with the big brothers, I bet that's just the best to see.
    Maggie's hair, so stinkin' cute. Tell her I said so and that I smiled when I saw her photo. :) I'm kind of liking my own bob hair for right now. It's working so I ain't messin' with it. I'd like Lily to maybe get a bob again, but she's pretty critical and thinks the last time she had one that it was WAY too short and she looked like a boy. Sigh. Tweens.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, sweet lady. I'll be over here doing a whole lot of nothing, hopefully reading and putting my swollen feet up a bit. Yup, living the dream over here. lol!

  6. It's always fun reading your blog Colleen! Your kids have gotten so big!!!

  7. I LOVE Miss Mags hair! So cute! My hair is so thick and coarse and frizzy {and weirdly naturally curly only in certain spots} that I can never pull off a short cut. Hers is adorable! Looks like you're thoroughly enjoying Summer! YAY!


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