Friday, September 18, 2015



We refinanced our mortgage this week.  Well, it's been in the process for about a month, but we signed our lives away on Wednesday night.  

We now have a 15 year mortgage at 3.625% interest instead of a 5.125% interest rate with 25 years left.  It should save us about $80,000 in interest over the life of the loan.  Crazy, right?  Phil has figured out that if we stay here (probably not) we will pay off the house right before his 50th birthday and we would really have to celebrate big time!  I like the way the man thinks :)


I'm so excited for the new tv shows to start up again soon! I've missed you Sue Sue Heck!

Since getting rid of our Netflix, we have been forced to watch HGTV and Food Network all summer long.  Which I love, but you can only see the same Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives twice before you feel like you've already eaten there.  And I'm super excited for this new one...


Declan is still not back to his amazing sleeping ways.  He only goes to sleep if somebody is in the room with him.  We have to lay down on the bed and sneak out when he falls asleep in his crib.  Plus he wakes up almost every night and needs to be settled back down the same way.  Maybe this is my new form of NFP.  Speaking of NFP, I got to visit a friend who had her fourth baby and she was rehashing out the labor details (all natural) and I was like, um yeah, I never want to do that again, thanks for the reminder.  Some people say you forget the pain, but this elephant never does.  Now, if a sweet baby were to show up on my doorstep, I will happily take her :)


I've lost my exercise mojo.  

It started back at the beginning of the summer when my gym wouldn't fix the air conditioning because they were just renting the building and thought the owner of the building should fix it.  It was super hot in there and smelled so gross, and I could practically see the bacteria multiplying in the sticky heat and wanted nothing to do with the place.  We cancelled our membership (after 9 years!) and I just ran outside instead.  But then it got so hot and humid, that there were weeks when I couldn't make myself do it.  I've started doing Jillian's 30 day Shred pretty faithfully (moving onto this DVD workout next) and try to add in a walk or short run when I can, but everything just seems too hard/boring/rushed/hot that I don't wanna do it.  I need to find my groove again, and I'm not sure where.


This Fall and Winter we are going to be making some changes in the house, so if you want to see Home Remodelling for Dummies, stop by the blog in a few weeks. We're in the getting estimates and shopping phase right now.  This is not my cup of tea.  Joanna and Chip, leave Waco and come help me!


If I could redo my wedding, I would definitely change my bridesmaid's gowns.  They were pretty terrible.  I love this dress:

Maybe I can wear it when I'm a Mother of the Bride?  Too soon?  

And this dress is so pretty too, for a bride:

I'm into modest lace, if you couldn't tell :)


Next week starts birthday season in our house.  Eamon on the 26th, Andrew on October 4th, Phil on the 11th.  We will have a celebration every weekend!  Oh and Evie the cat is turning two sometime in there too.  She's getting a cat door so we can move the litter box to the basement.  Aren't we the nicest?

Go see Kelly for more riveting reads.  And have a wonderful feels-like-summer weekend!


  1. Do 21 day fix! the exercise moves are not as repetitive as 30 day shred or ripped in 30... anyway, i like autumn better than JM. :)

    1. I would but I don't want to buy it :( I've heard great things though!!

  2. Oh how i love me some Chip and Joanna! Joanna is going to be in High Point, NC (about 30 minutes from me) for the High Point Furniture Market to showcase her new furniture line and I would love to go and stalk her!

  3. That is an amazing 15 year rate! I might have to look into that. I guess that means you haven't had luck in selling your home? I hope you get your zeal back for exercising soon. I got hurt and can hardly do anything now. It is really hard on me.

    1. Oh no! Are you ok? Maybe that was the motivation I needed - to just be thankful I CAN exercise :)

  4. These are the greatest quickies! And, because you know I'm sitting around doing nothing, I figured I'd comment. HAHA!!

    The dresses--beautiful! I actually have dreams a few times a year that I'm redoing my wedding. Still the same great guy, incorporating the kids, but totally changing my dress, flowers, etc. Weird.

    I love the new nfp. Way to go Declan to maintain your place in the family as the "baby". And let me just say, after this last labor and birth I was all like "um, you know, that was pretty much not what I remember and hurt like heck....I may retire from this child birth gig". After #4 who was quick to deliver and cooperative, this last one was sunny side up and WAY more painful to get out. He is such a blessing and I love him to pieces, but while pushing I was definitely rethinking a new game plan.

    The Muppets--I'm eager to see that as well. I'm pumped Dancing with the Stars is back on (I know, so not modest and way too much sexy overload, but I still indulge) and I'm hoping Person of Interest is returning. You know because we all need to support Catholic actors even if they are SO HARD to look at. (Hello, Jim Caviezel, I'm watching you).

    For obvious reasons I'm kind of "Meh" on exercise, but eager to get back to it. I just have to figure out a good way to ease in but make progress that reaps results too. Keep us posted on how you get that exercise mojo back.

    Renovations-- I so wish I were closer! That would kind of be fun. For me to watch, but if I had to live in it, not so much.

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Yeah, delivery #5 was the one that made me never want to do it again, But then, you know, Declan :)

  5. Ugh, I can't imagine working out in a gym without air conditioning! That's like, 3/4 of the reason I ever went to one -- because it was always frigid and was helpful in forgetting how much you were sweating! Gross.

  6. Oh, Colleen, I was excited for the Muppets, too until I heard the show was going to explore different families, same sex marriage, and be the only prime time show with frontal nudity (kermit the frog naked but still you get the idea). I'm thinking this is not the muppets I remember so fondly from childhood.

    1. Guess that means I won't be recording it and watching it with my kids. Boo, I really wanted to give them the same experience we had growing up!

  7. First thing we did when we moved in our house 10 years ago. Cut a hole in the door and wall so the cat could get into the bsmt!


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