Friday, October 30, 2015

{7QT}: Halloween Happenings, Stupid Store & Baby Bonanza


It's so fun to have Halloween on a weekend this year!  Today we all got to dress down at work and school and tonight is the kid's school's dance/trick-or-treating/haunted stage.

Halloween 2015 - Avengers

Tomorrow is the Halloween parade, followed by a pizza party with my family and trick-or-treating.  On Monday, the kids get to dress up as saints and after Mass they are going to have trunk-or-treating in the school parking lot.  I'm foreseeing tons of candy in my future.


Speaking of candy.  When you have 6 kids times 3 trick-or-treating opportunities, you get wayheyhey too much junk in the house.  We make all the kids dump their loots into a huge family candy bowl, and then we distribute a little each day until I can't stand it anymore and I dump it in the trash one night.  Best parents ever, right?  Don't worry, it's how we've always done it so it's normal to them.  Don't anyone tell them some kids are allowed to keep their own loot to themselves and eat it whenever they want.  I shudder when I think about what they'd do with that intell,  If you were to put all your sweet cherubs to bed on Halloween and sort through their candy bags (checking for poison, of course!) what candy would you taste test first?  Here's my order of delight:


There's something in the water, because three of my favorite bloggers who have six kids are pregnant again!  It's like they are trying to start a Lucky 7 club :) 


If you're wondering what happened in the Kohl's's still ongoing.  Emails have been exchanged numerous times with them apologizing that the particular item (Maggie's costume) sold out and telling me I can keep checking back to order it again when it restocks (like after Halloween?  What's the point?)  Still no answer on why they couldn't just send me one in the next bigger size as I asked.


Some Halloween pasts...

Oh my gosh I love my joyful kids soooooo much!


I'm digging this song right now:


And tonight is the final two soccer practices before the tournament on Sunday.  It's been a long soccer season with five teams, but it's been so fun to watch them develop their skills.  Except Xander who says he's "never, ever, ever gonna play soccer again".  He was not a fan!  We shall see how he feels when he's five.  Up next is basketball season for only two, that will be a breeze!

Haha, have a great Halloween and All Saints kind of weekend everybody!


  1. Is that lucky 7 club sounding kinda good about now? :)

  2. Besties unite! That's exactly the same order I'd attack the kids' candy stash too. ALL of my favorites right there!!

    I'll sit tight and see how that Lucky 7 club goes from the sidelines. I'm kinda feelin' the love for the Fab 5 right now. :o

  3. I use to throw a handful out from each bag each day. Then they caught on :O Mine like to dump their loot as soon as they get home and start trading. (Gosh! They drive a hard bargain when I ask for a freebie!) Eventually, I say enough and it goes out in the trash.

    Oh my gosh, so all this time I thought Adelle sang Ex's and Oh's! I'm so clueless.

  4. haha -- handegg.... :D

    love their costumes.
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