Monday, October 26, 2015

Boys and Puppies

Guys, Declan is in the running for sweetest baby boy ever.  He is just adorably cute, and since he doesn't have many words, he walks around making thee cutest hand motions and little squeaks and sounds like a minion.  

There are only two times he will be predictably naughty/tantrumy, and they are at church and when it's time to come inside the house.  The boy would play outside all  the live-long day if we could let him.  He jumps, climbs, runs, rolls, throws, digs and never tires, it seems.  He is just like a puppy. In fact, all five of my boys were/are like puppies.

How rude, Colleen, to compare your male children to dogs.  But let's compare the two, shall we?


~ Need to be exercised to get their energy out so they can sleep later.

~ Are always hungry and will eat almost anything.

~ Love to clean their favorite body part.

~ Need to chew on toys, but if toys are unavailable will chew on the next closest and grossest item.

~ Want to be rubbed and scratched and given affection.

~ Will wrestle on the floor with anyone interested.

~ Jump up and down when they're excited.

~ Smell like a wet dog after coming in from the outside.

~ Will adore whomever fills their food and water.

~ Unconditionally love their owners.

~ Love to learn new tricks and show them off.

~ Thrive on praise.

~ Have barks that are worse than their bites.

~ Like to wake up early and find a playmate stat.

~ Feel the need to prove they can hold their own against bigger dogs.

~ Have accidents.

~ Don't recognize their own strength.

~ Will protect the ones they love.

~ Have terrible breath but no concept of personal space.

~ Need boundaries and rules.

~ Are so cute that it's hard to discipline them.


All of the above.

(and that's why we don't have any puppies!)


  1. Eeek so clever and funny (and dare I say a forewarning for the Tripster!)


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