Friday, November 13, 2015

7 of the Lamest Quick Takes in the Land


Eamon had his first basketball game of the season last night!  

They lost by 2 points, but it was such a good game.  Gosh I love watching my kids play sports.  I was sitting between two moms from the team, one had four kids, and the other had nine kids.  What a treat to find mom's with big families to chat with!  He also had his final xray this week for the finger he broke back in September.  It's just about done more week of taping then he should be good to go.  He's still allowed to play sports with it taped.  Thank goodness, because seeing him sit on the sidelines, injured, gave me a little inside peak into what Purgatory must be like.


Maggie will be in our parish's variety show tomorrow night, dancing a little Irish jig while my sister, Holly plays the fife.

I hope she feels confident on the stage and does well.  She's super excited and I'm so nervous for her!!  A mother's life y'all!


Phil and I went to a fundraising dinner to support Catholic education in our diocese.  The fund raises money for scholarships to help with tuition.  Our kids benefit from these scholarships, so I felt like I was double dipping going to the dinner also, but I got over it as fast as I was inhaling the scallops wrapped in bacon and fried calamari.  Mmmmmm.  Anyway, the speaker was the former Miss America from Hawaii, Angela Perez Baraquio, and she gave a great talk about being raised as one of TEN children and announced the pregnancy of her 5th child that night.  It was so cute!  Her book looks interesting, and if she writes as well as she speaks, then I know it will be great!


Andrew had his palate expander removed this week, and will be getting a retainer today!  We were doing a little victory dance that he didn't need braces, and then they warned us that he still might need braces after the retainer.  What a racket!  I'm praying to the patron saint of teethly things, St. Appollonia.  

For any of you with tweens and teens, I'm sure she will become one of your go-to intercessory saints.
Don't you just love Catholic life...Got a problem?  Yeah, we've got a Saint for that! 


Has anyone seen the new Peanuts movie yet?  Worth it?


Oh the joy of American Girl dolls.  Maggie really wants one for her upcoming 8th birthday, but they are so expensive and I feel like she won't really enjoy it for all that long.  Maybe I'm just jaded because I really wasn't into dolls.  She has her heart set on Maryellen, and I'm hoping she gets enough in gift cards and birthday/Christmas money to buy one for herself.  

Beth, Maryellen reminds me of your daughter!

Moms with older daughters, when did you make the plunge into a real AG?  Was the doll worth the price tag?


Is this possibly my most boring Quick Takes ever?  Benedict thinks yes.  

Sorry, but Christy's last post inspired me just to get something out there.  Go read all the betters at Kelly's!

Have a wonderful rake-the-leaves-out-your-yard-and-into-the-neighbor's-yard kind of weekend everybody!  


  1. I got my American Girl doll for my 8th birthday and it still goes down in memory as one of my best birthdays ever. For real. And I was old enough to take pretty good care of her and I still have her. So... for what that's worth. :)

  2. I personally loved my American Girl doll (I had Samantha). Easily the most played with toy of my childhood. I still have her and plan to pass her onto one of my daughters when they're a bit older.

  3. I bought the one and only American Girl doll for my 4th daughter in 2nd grade. Simply because I couldn't think of anything else to get her for Christmas and because it was the only thing on her wish list. She was thrilled, played with it twice, and it descended into the purgatory of the toy box. Her younger sister saved it a few years later an played with it for a few weeks, and now it sits, alone and unloved, in a closet. I regret this purchase deeply. None of my girls have ever been a doll person - why did I think this would be different? I guess her beaming smile when she opened it was nice. But I still regret the $$ - and the big sisters occasionally bring up - "You bought Nora an American girl doll and you never bought us one! " Sigh.
    Maybe if your daughter loves dolls and takes care of them, this would be a great present. If she collects enough cash for the holidays, making her pay for it might be more meaningful too. Good luck!

  4. We do AG around age 6 for the girls. They love them and get lots of play so I feel they are worth it. The quality is nice, they hold up well. We are huge into dolls here though between the four girls.

  5. Yay Colleen! I love reading your posts - never stop! I'll come find you.

    And Eamon is so adorable I audibly just "awww"ed at the computer screen. And pictures of Maggie in her Irish dancing getup - they're the prettiest!

  6. Yep, I had an AG doll around the age of 8 too and I LOVED her. Took such good care of her, I still have her! I found a doll at the thrift store so my 4 year old has one, but she's not quite into playing with her that much yet. I think around 6 is when they really start getting into it, it seems like. Sometimes they have good sales too! Or there are tons of them on ebay if you don't mind used. My husband took my daughter to the Peanuts movie as her first movie theater experience and they both really liked it.

  7. I think it totally depends on whether Maggie is a "doll" person, and whether there are other girls with similar interests she could play dolls with. My little sister and I each got one and LOVED them. We spent hours concocting intricate stories about their lives, and had so much fun doing their hair and taking them with us places. We've kept ours in decent shape and we are both excited to pass them down to our daughters someday. :)

  8. I was a stuffed animal kid and HATED dolls, until the advent of the AG doll. I got a knock off at 11 and I didn't play with the doll per-se but that toy had more outfits that I designed than any inanimate object had a right to. So I wouldn't do doll/not doll as a qualifier but what she hopes to do with it


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