Friday, November 6, 2015

{7QT} It's Friday, Finally


A while back I had my first dermatology appointment in over 20 years.  With my Irish skin and family history, I don't know why I put it off for so long.  They found a suspicious mole and biopsied it (on my buttock) and the biopsy showed that it is "Moderately Atypical", so not yet cancer, but on it's possible way.  

I have to have it removed next month.  I am so glad I went, and this got caught, because I never would have seen this mole on my own.  I'm embarrassed to have someone surgically removing pieces of my derriere, but it's better than letting it grow into cancer, obvi.  Humility for the win.


Declan is talking!  Finally!  He's been adding cute little words as his 19 month old birthday approached, and it seems like everyday he is able to repeat more and more.  This morning he was turning off the light in the bathroom and saying "off" when it turned off, and "off" when it turned on.  Haha, I love toddler speak so much!  


Maybe it's because Declan is finally starting to seem less like a baby (though he still drinks milk from a bottle!) but lately I have been dreaming up baby names.  I know!  What is wrong with me? 

 Here's my current top girl and boy names:

Emerson Grace

Rowan Asher

But, if we ever have another one, I think Phil will veto those.  The name game is hard!


We have a NeighborDog!  It's all the fun of having a dog with none of the work, because it's actually you're neighbor's dog.  My perfect kind of pet :)  

Her name is Chippi, but our kids just call her "The neighbordog".


We will be a house divided on Sunday at 1 pm.  The Patriots (my team) are playing The Redskins (Phil's team).  

Our kids are so confused for who to cheer for, it's funny.  What kind of game day snack do I make for nervous bellies?  Ginger cookies and pepto-bismal?


Maggie needed some leggings to wear under her dresses, and I got her these for $5 and found this dress for less than $25.  I almost always order my dresses in Tall because even though I'm only 5'6" so many dresses come way above my knee, which would make them work-inappropriate.  Someone at work told me that Kmart has really cute clothes, and I didn't believe her, but then I started looking online, and she was right!  Plus, they give awesome coupons once you're signed up.  Go check them out if you haven't lately.  I'm a sucker for cute and cheap clothes, why invest a lot of money in something that will go out of style in a few years?


That's all I can think of this week...this Daylight Savings is making me fall asleep so early and wake up even earlier.  It's a vicious cycle of darkness and tiredness.  

Oh wait, I do have one more, Andrew's soccer team made it to tournament but lost, and John-Paul's soccer team won their U15 division!!  

So 5 months of bi-weekly practices and weekly games actually paid off ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend cheering for the Patriots to crush the Redskins.  Love ya, honey ;)


  1. Give Phil my condolences!!! ;) And I think both of those names are beautiful!


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