Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Saving My Sanity Right Now

Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy (a new to me blog found through Ellen) is hosting a link-up called The Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now.  So here's my list of sanity savers this winter...


Future plans.

I always need to be planning ahead, especially when it comes to taking a little family vacation (an overnight to the Cape is a favorite) and making house renovating decisions.  It's just nice to have something to look forward to!


Nice, soft sheets.

I ordered these sheets for Maggie's bed and then more for Alexander and Declan's beds (Declan is in a big boy bed and transitioned so easily!) and now I want some for my own bed, because they are so pretty and soft.  And a great price!


Outside time.

Because the weather has been so wonderful this winter!  Not being stuck inside all the live long day does wonders for everybody's mental state...especially mine :)


Gym membership.

After cancelling our gym membership last summer due to the poor state of the gym, we just joined a new one that's closer to work and owned by a friend!  Feb. 1 was my new new year, after being sick for all of January.  I've been walking hills on the treadmill and ellipticalling my large and in charge belly and feeling so good after.


This is my triple threat daily vitamin dose.  I also take Folic Acid and Biotin and Probiotics, but I swear those top three have helped my mood and energy levels like nothing else.


Grapefruits and Oranges and Limes and Lemons.

Because I'm pregnant and it's winter and they're delicious right now.


My Fitbit.

This is such a good motivator to move more.  Now I'll take the longer way on purpose, park further away than normal, take the stairs more often.  You know, all those things you know you should do, but this rewards you for it.  It's especially nice to compete with Phil every day although he kills me since I sit at a desk and he pace-teaches.


Making my birthday list.

This year, I would like a Netflix subscription because Fuller House will be starting (Full House was my absolute favorite show!)  and a new travel mug that doesn't leak or look like it's been through a war.



After ten weeks of going off coffee because just the thought of it would make me gag back vomit, I have started drinking the heavenly elixir again.  Trader Joe's is a favorite on our house, and we drive an hour away to pick some up.  Their Vanilla Joe Joe's go perfect with a steaming cup of creamy coffee too.


Inspirational saints.

Reading about the letters written by St. Zelie Martin.  She was a working mom who seemed to get overwhelmed with all she had to do (like every mom ever) and yet still was a saint!  There's hope for me!

What's saving your life and sanity this winter??


  1. I love Full House too! We bought the house (all the DVDS and they come in a little house box) when it was on Amazon super duper special. It's great to watch as a family since we all enjoy it. They certainly do not make family friendly television like that anymore. We are very excited for Fuller House! Hope you get Netflix and I am so glad you're feeling better.

  2. The weather has been wonderful lately. My kinda winter!

  3. I might have to order those sheets! Great price AND over 12,000 good reviews? I'm sold! Do you find that any of those supplements help with morning sickness? I'm not pregnant right now, but good to know for the future if #9 should come along. :-)


  4. Trader Joe's is one of my very happy places. They are also fabulous with my autistic son and greet him by name when he walks in.

  5. Is Zelie Martin up for discussion in case this babe is a girl???


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