Friday, August 5, 2016

7QT: August, Baby!

TGIFing with Kelly and the best.


It's August!  It's Baby Month!!  Wow, this is seriously my longest pregnancy everrrrrrrr...said all pregnant woman everywhere.  

Because of my gestational diabetes diagnosis, I have between 2 and 4 appointments every week.  This week included two non-stress tests, a doctor's visit, and an ultrasound.  I've thankfully been able to schedule all my appointments for right after work, so I haven't had to interfere with my work schedule yet.  But it definitely makes for long days.  This baby seems to be very chill, which often causes concern because his heart rate is low (alarms literally go off) and he doesn't move that much when he is supposed to (which requires extra non-stress tests and ultrasounds).  When I'm laying in bed trying to sleep, he is as active as an Olympian in training, but just not when he is supposed to be performing.  He is measuring a week ahead, and at 37 weeks 2 days, I'm having tons of contractions, so I'm hoping that means I'll be giving birth in less than two weeks.  We shall see!


Alexander spent his birthday money on a Spider Man water shooter glove.  He was so excited to order it and wait for it to come in the mail.  And he is smart, because he bought two so that Declan would have his own and there wouldn't be any fighting.  


Some meals lately:

Strawberries with cottage cheese, egg salad on multi-grain English muffins, and chicken salads of both the grilled and crispy variety.  Also, lots of greek yogurt, fried eggs, chicken sausages and tuna salads.  I have had zero cravings and am not usually hungry, so it's just a matter of making myself eat something.  What a difference from all my other pregnancies, when I craved all the foods that weren't good for me.

Honestly, I stopped testing my blood sugar at 37 weeks.  My numbers are great if I follow the diet, so it's not an issue.  When they ask how my numbers are I say "Great!" and that's that.


Most of our summer scheduled sports are over.  Swimming lessons are finished, the mile races are done, the summer soccer tournament is over, and the summer basketball league just ended.  Now fall soccer practices have started up.  It will be a busy fall with 5 soccer players and a toddler and a newborn.  When Eamon's coach asked us if he could play for the travel league, we had to stifle a laugh as we politely declined.  No can do!  Pray for us!


Maggie is now a sacristan at our church!  At our parish, only boys can serve altar (Kendra wrote about that) and only girls can be sacristans.  I think it's wonderful and it gets all the kids involved while giving them a cool little boys/girls club to belong to.  Maggie was trained and went mini-golfing, ate junk food, and won the Guess How Many Gummy Bears are in the Container game.  She guessed 1820 and there were 1815.  Impressive, but now we have tons of sugar in our house!


Andrew and Eamon went to Patriots Training Camp last weekend with some of my family members (it was too hot for me to go) and had so much fun.  I love these two and there love for sports and each other.  I hope they always stay close!


Story time.  

A couple weeks ago, Eamon went down to our basement and said he saw a cat that wasn't ours down there.  Phil went down and couldn't see anything, and nobody else ever saw anything strange again.  We kept teasing Eamon about this mystery cat he supposedly saw, but he insisted he saw it.  Then last week, Maggie went up to her bedroom and came down crying hysterically (have I mentioned her love for the dramatic?) saying Evie (our cat) had pooped on her rug.  Phil and I started laughing because it certainly couldn't have been cat poop, Evie has never once not pooped in her litter box in the basement.  I said, maybe it's a hairball and Phil went up to clean it.  He came back down and said that it was definitely poop.  What?!?!?  Fast forward to this week when Phil and my dad were cleaning out our basement (Phil has caught the nesting bug that keeps evading me) and realized one of our basement windows was broken!  The hole was (you guessed it) big enough for a "random" (Xander's favorite adjective) cat to crawl through.  I think we actually did have a mystery cat in our basement, eating our cat's food and pooping in Maggie's bedroom.  We are lucky that's all that seemed to have gotten in!  Eamon is so proud to be vindicated!

And that's all she wrote!  Have a happy, sunny, labor-inducing (my oil and tea are being delivered today!), nesting kind of August weekend everybody!


  1. I love your updates! I'm really really glad it was just a cat and not something else like a skunk, ha!! Praying for you <3 I may have to start going back on IG in order to stalk any labor or baby updates...

  2. You're going to go into labor early, you're going to go into labor early, you're going to into labor early...

    No, really. I think you are! Praying for ya Colleen!

  3. When I was doing non-stress tests for my last pregnancy, then nurses actively encouraged me not to come late afternoon as they found little ones are notoriously quiet then. (They would have loved seeing me around 10 pm when the kid was active and the hospital floor usually calm.) Hopefully you won't have many more to go to, and that this baby comes in a timely fashion!

  4. As for random cats, my one of my kids complained one summer of a cat meowing in the attic. Our cat Evie was happily lazing around the house, so we knew she hadn't gotten upstairs. (Our attic is rarely open due to the hundred years of dust and happy bats inhabiting it.) So I went upstairs to check - no meows. Kid must be imagining things. Three days later my oldest, who is steady and calm, comes down saying she hears a cat. We finally brave opening the door, and, there on the steps, a sweet little grey cat of unknown origins! I think she had climbed in a window (that had blown open in a storm ) chasing a squirrel (yes, 100 yr old aatics have ingress for squirrels and birds too - alas!). My husband had closed it on Thursday, and here is was Monday night! For being lock in a dusty attic for 4 days, she was loving and perky. We fed her, watered her, and let her go. (She was so healthy looking despite her ordeal I figured she had to have a home nearby.) My son was vindicated, and I was relieved we got her out in time. I'm glad you found your cat of mystery before damage was done.

  5. That's way funny about the cat!

    Maybe I have missed this but... have you had to change vans? I thought I remember you getting an Odyssey but maybe I'm not remembering correctly.

  6. Love cottage cheese. I'm so weird.

    RANDOM CAT??? That terrifies me for some odd reason (maybe because I am "so weird" as stated above?).

  7. I wish you to go in labour soon, as you wish. Know that God already decided about every detail. It will be as long, soon, hard,... as He predicted. So keep in mind you are fulfilling His will. At least this is what priest said me in confession before birth and it helped me the most. (My first, so you are a lot more experienced, ha!). God bless you!

  8. When Meredith was overdue and I had a non-stress test every other day she would only move if the nurses left me alone and I was quiet. She liked the sound of talking to sleep I guess. :) She almost failed her NSTs every time. Hope this baby comes out soon! I want to bloggy meet him!

  9. Come on baby!

    And I really like the sacristan thing. That way both genders can learn more about Mass and really get it. Neat!

  10. You look so good, Colleen. I'm due a couple days after you (baby 6) and I think that I look huge! Oh, wow, 2-4 appointments a week? Even when I was officially GD, I only had one appointment a week for the last 4 weeks (my NST was done the same day before my regular appointment). I say "officially" because I did pass my 1 hour test this time (by eating a cheese stick and nuts before the test since fasting wasn't required and taking a 30 minute walk before having my blood drawn), but, I have been following the diet because I know that I still have it (I can't eat more than 30 carbs per meal). I'm jealous that you are having contractions :) I'm slightly crampy at times, but I won't know until 39 weeks if they have been productive at all (my dr doesn't do a cervical check until 39 weeks). What is a heart rate that is so low that causes the alarms to go off? My last 2 babies were so busy during the NSTs that I didn't have that problem. I actually remember with my last, an almost 2 year old boy now, the nurse called him "wild!"
    The story about the random cat was hilarious!!!

  11. Aaah! A cat intruder. What a story!

  12. Praying baby comes soon! You look fantastic. :)

  13. wow, what an interesting week you had around there! I love reading the updates! I certainly hope for your sake that baby wants to come on the sooner side; I'm just about at that "done" point too... And the mystery cat--that is just too funny. Glad you figured it out now.

  14. Wow, Colleen you look so great!


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