Friday, May 5, 2017

7QT: The First Week of May in the Month of Mary

Happy first week of May and a very Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Let's see what's been happening this week at Casa Martin...

We celebrated National College Acceptance Day, and lined up our four Franciscan alumni with Steubie's newest addition who will be heading there in the fall.  I think it's so great to have this little Franciscan bubble alllll the way in New England working at the same Catholic high school.  They must have a really hot smart Head of Theology to hire awesome theology teachers.

Betcha can't guess which one is the high school senior ;)

Andrew and Eamon ran their 2nd 5k this spring and both improved their times.  Andrew won 1st place in his age group with a blazing time of 21:11.  I'm trying to keep up with Eamon, but he's getting too fast for me too at a time of 26:33.

Eamon was reminiscing over all his 5k's run, and he said "My first race was my worst one."  Andrew quickly replied, "Of course it was, it was also your best one."  Having kids is fun :)


Today we are celebrating the Administrative Assistants at our school by taking them out to lunch.  As Business Manager, I get to be the one that takes them - woohoo!  I'm thinking Mexican is in order.


We have a party-filled weekend ahead.  Tonight is the birthday party for a woman from our parish who is turning 100!!  Saturday is my niece's First Communion and party and then Sunday is another niece's First Communion and party!  I got the First Communion girls this cute gift but what on earth do you get a centenarian??

This would've worked!


Baby announcements make me so happy!  Go wish Katrina and Kathleen congrats!


Next week, we will be travelling down to Maryland because Phil's little sister is getting married.  Woohoo, I love weddings!  I've been pumping up the jams at home to get all of the Martins ready to hit the dance floor.  The younger kids are ready to boogie!  The bigger kids think it's not cool - so lame.  How can mom-dancing ever be anything but cool?


Now for a special prayer request that I posted on Instagram:

You can find the Our Lady of Fatima novena here, and it starts today :)  Thank you!

Have a partyin' kinda weekend yourselves!  Go see Kelly for more Friday fiesta posts.


  1. My daughter is just finishing her junior year at FUS. What a great school!

  2. Oh those dancing mom jeans ladies!! 😂😂


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