Thursday, July 27, 2017

The 6th Birthday of the 5th Kid

Alexander Blaise Martin turned 6!!

He started out the day by telling me he felt a little bigger (because he will be the biggest man one day, since he was the biggest baby - he thinks!) and then asked for donuts for breakfast.  Your wish is my command, birthday boy!  Phil brought all the kids to camp and Alexander got to visit with the firemen and spray the hose.  

At lunch time, all the kids sang to him, and later he said it was the best day ever because he "had to do no work today.  Zero work.  Just fun!"  Ahhhhh, I don't think feeding the dog twice a day counts as "work" but whatever makes you have a great day, buddy!

He picked chinese food for dinner, so we went out to eat...and since he was born on the Feast Day of Saints Anne & Joachim, we had to celebrate the grandparents as well!  Xander only eats chicken fingers and rice from chinese restauarants, but it's his fave because he eats the chicken out of the fried breading, then puts rice inside and eats that.

He asked for a remote-controlled something, and his godmother provided:

He said "I wonder how long this baby is gonna last?"  Oh Xander, you are the king of funnies in this casa.

For dessert he asked for a chocolate cake with oreo frosting...but we got him a homemade ice cream cake instead from the shop where JP works.  Yum!  He didn't mind ;)


Gammy and Grandpa got him an activity book, some gum and cash - boy was he thrilled!

Declan kept asking for his present.  Sorry buddy!

We gave Xander a new backpack for first grade, a lunch box, a drum from Africa (thanks Fr. Leonard!) and a Wubble Ball.

When he saw Phil and I smooch he said "Ewwww" and I said "I thought you liked it when we kiss?"  He said "Well if I'm here to see it, I don't like it.  But if I'm not around, then yes."

Brendan's practicing for his birthday in a few weeks :)

The kids went outside to play with the birthday boy's new toy, and then it was off to bed sleepy head!   We love you Xander B, and could not even imagine how boring our lives would be without you!!


  1. Happy birthday, Xander. I chuckle every time I remember that you asked what baby Brendan's last name is...and if he has jaundice. Every family needs a funny guy.

  2. What a wonderful day he had. He cracks me up!

  3. Can't believe he's 6! And that cake is speaking beautiful delicious things to me.


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