Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The 5th Grade Birthday and Cell Project

Oh my little buddy, Eamon, you're a whole year older and I love you a whole lot more, which doesn't make sense because I already loved you so much, but I've said that before.

The birthday boy got to pick breakfast (he chose chocolate chip banana muffins to bring to his class) and got some good snacks in his lunch box.  He also had a big science project due the next day, but brought it in on his birthday so we could celebrate that night without worrying about finishing up the project.  Here are his animal (orange) and plant (green) cells:

I found this cute paper in his schoolwork, and love that he still wants to be a priest when he grows up.  Also his favorite color surprised me!  It's Andrew's fave color, so I guess Eamon thinks it's cool too.

We are having a big combined birthday party on Sunday for both he and Andrew (their bdays are 8 days apart) so we weren't supposed to celebrate last night, but my mom bought him a cupcake, and I had a leftover cake from the cell project (Lucy the dog ate one so I had to make 2 more!) so I threw this together last minute and we partied a little when he got home from soccer practice at 7pm.  How can we not celebrate such a sweetheart on his big day?

Phil texted me this photo from last week of Eamon leaf-blowing the driveway so he could play some street hockey.  The pack is practically bigger than him!

That's an ELEVEN made with candles, not 2 candles.  Just to clarify :)

Altar servers gotta light.

Lucy!  Get down!

He and my Dad were laughing because the hat was wrapped with little left to the imagination.  "I wonder what this could be???"  "Oh wow, a HAT??"   "I never would have guessed!"  Funny men :)

He also got a yoyo, not shown, because he had just seen a yoyo show at school and really wanted one.  But then it was time for the big present!

The three little boys were all asleep for this impromptu celebration, which made them sad in the morning when they realized they missed it.  But it was so late!  And they were exhausted.  Mean parenting for the win.

A Laser Tag set to use as his little heart desires.

Scary smiles r us!

I made the kids pose before going out to play for 20 minutes.  Afterwards it was homework and off to bed with a kiss on the head!  They all slept in this morning.  Eeek!  But you only turn 11 once, so YOLO.  We love you Eamon Philip, you are all we could ask for in a son.  


  1. It just warms my heart that he still wants to be a priest. Happy birthday Eamon!

  2. Ooh! Laser tag looks great! I'm gonna keep that in my back pocket for my boys, and Rachel. She loves the Star Wars gun we have.


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