Friday, November 3, 2017

7QT: Saints, Shots, and Shirts

Happy First Friday in November!!


We celebrated All Saints Day on Wednesday, and the elementary school kids got dressed up...

...and pretended to be holy ;)

They went to Mass at school and then came back to a Trunk or Treat celebration in the parking lot, it's always a favorite day of the year.  


In case you don't know the saints in our litany, they include:

St. Francisco Marto
St. Jacinta

Pope St. John Paul II

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

St. Padre Pio


This week we took the kids to get flu shots.  Just line em up and shoot em up and off we go.  Or so we thought.  While we were there, our lovely doctor did a recheck for Declan's wheezing issue and said he sounded great.  She also checked in with JP because he had hurt his back the week before and gotten an xray done at urgent care.  Nothing was broken, and he probably just tore a muscle.  But then Brendan had a temp and couldn't get the shot, which we assumed was from the FOUR teeth he's cutting.  The doc looked him over to discover he had a double ear infection!  Poor baby!  While she was writing out that antibiotics prescription, she also wrote one for anti-nausea meds that we will most certainly need at some point this winter when a nasty stomach virus takes us all down.  Phil mentioned that Xander's "spots" were still bothering him and so she called in a referral to a dermatologist as well.  How amazing is our doctor?!?!


In food news...
Sarah's apple fritter bread is a yummy way to use up the apples.  My favorite chili is always a must when the chili (see what I did there?) weather makes an appearance.  I am eating a Whole 30 approved protein bar for breakfast most mornings and love the blueberry and pumpkin ones with a cup of coffee or hot cinnamon tea.  They are a bit pricey, but it's a meal for me.


This weekend is packed with stuff - Eamon's soccer team made the playoffs, so there's a practice and a game, we have a flag-football game, swimming lessons, there's an Open House for both schools my kids attend (Phil and I have to work at ours), Phil's proctoring an SAT exam all Saturday morning, we have a double date that night, and JP has religious ed and a high school youth group meeting.  


I just can't believe that Christmas is everywhere already!  Only 51 days left?!?!  It stresses me out to think about all the gifts we have to buy when just living normal life doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room in our budget.  I think I need to start setting up a Christmas savings account.  Do any of you do that?  Save a little all year round?  How do you prepare for all the extra purchases?  Or do you just go into debt like most Americans?


Estella NYC is promoting their New York themed onesies:

 and sent Brendan the cutest organic Taxi onesie:

Beep Beep!

They make me want to plan a family vacation to NY in the near future!  Who wants the Martin Party of Nine to come crash with them?  Jkjkjk (Or am I?)

Anyway, you can get your own adorable onesie or another baby gift with 15% off your purchase at Estella by using code Moments15.  Happy shopping!  

And Happy Friday (linking up with the hilarious Kelly!)


  1. I love all your saints! And your doctor sounds like one too! Have a great weekend.

  2. We're lucky enough that between my husband and I (we work at the same company) we get enough of a bonus this time of year to pay for Christmas. Although, they are changing the way they dole them out this time (way closer to Christmas) so I've been trying to save up ahead of time.

  3. Re: #6, we do put a little away every month into our "gifts" account, and then we have it for Christmas and birthday spending. We started doing that in January and it's been so nice when birthdays have arrived not to have the stress of, oh no, we need to buy a present, but with what money!?

  4. We have had one for years. it is automatically taken out of our checks each paycheck and after a month or two we didn't even miss it. We have one where you can't take the money out until October so even better!! Jill

  5. My husband thought it was silly, but I made a Christmas savings account we put money into each paycheck automatically. Come Christmas time we don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for gifts and goodies.


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