Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween and All Saints 2018

We've got a CIA agent & Chase, Mickey & Minnie, Iron Man & Captain America.  Brendan was not letting me put up his hood, which has Mickey's face on it.  I was frustrated and complained the whole way to the pizza shop that I didn't get a good photo...and he would never be 2 again...and I just need a good photo on every holiday...and on and on.  Why does this mean so much to me?  It's like I can just see how fleeting time is, and while I'm pretty ok with my kids growing up and moving along, I need photos from when they are young to cry into.  Moms.  Ya know?

So, at the pizza place, Phil made them all get out for another photo, and yet - no hood success.  Ah well, I didn't lose my mind about it this time.  That ten minute drive really matured me.

Phil dressed up as a handsome pizza guy ;)

Got one with the hood on!

We always go have pizza at my sister's house with my parents and another sister's family, and then the kids go trick-or-treating all together.  Declan was so into it this year, and Brendan was loving the candy as well.  

ANd then we go home, go to bed, and wake up early to get them dressed as saints for All Saints Day at school.  I had them all lay out their saint costumes yesterday before trick-or-treating because this ain't my first saintly rodeo.  I know how crazy this morning is.  And I kinda dread it, but it's worth it.  This year's saints include:

St. Zita of Italy (a maid)

St. Peter (with his key to the Pearly Gates)

Padre Pio (stigmata and beard make this a popular one)

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (the world's easiest saint costume)

St. Francis of Assisi (handmade by nuns 11 years ago)

Now look saintly!!!

Nailed it.

I hope you are all able to celebrate this great Feast Day today!  Can you believe it's November?!?!

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  1. YES- why is it so hard to get a good photo on the days that are important to moms?! We're not asking much! This year our two-year-old refused to dress up at all or to get in the group picture. Parenting is *not* easy.;)

    Such great saint costumes!


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