Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday Tidbits

So many times I want to share news and family stories in this little space, but then I think that all of the stuff that is keeping us busy would be really boring for other people to read.  So I don't share and then weeks go by and I feel guilty for not recording memories of the kids' lives that move so fast and are so forgettable unless I write it down.  So here's a quick update of what's happening, it's very sports heavy, but you all know I have 6 boys and a tomboy, so that's what you've signed up for.

But Colleen, we didn't sign up for anything.

Well, lucky you!  You get this riveting content for free!

Oh, before I begin, I just need to take a minute to bemoan the fact that I never have my "real" camera at my disposal anymore because JP uses it for Photography Class at school and keeps it there.  Bad phone photos it is!

Andrew and Eamon ran their Annual Turkey Trot on Sunday, and were both disappointed in their times.  Eamon does anything Andrew does, but he's not really as into running races.  Andrew has real talent in racing (fastest 5k is 20:14) , but never once in his life will train.  He thinks all the sports he plays keeps him in good shape (it does) and he is naturally fast, but his endurance game needs work.  I think once he gets to high school next year and joins track, he will finally get into training.  I just hate to see God given talent going to waste, but it's a fine line between encouraging/supporting and pushing/nagging and I don't want him to end up hating it.  I'll let someone else push him hard :)

After Eamon ran the 5k, he went to his first basketball game of the season and played his little heart out.  He's so fun to watch, because he's really short but really good, so it always surprises people.  Both he and Andrew and Maggie have such an aggressive and competitive spirit on the court.  They get all their athletic ability from their dad, but I like to think their competitive nature comes from their mom.  

Phil and I are still following the Marathon Training plan even though I know we won't really run it in the end.  But I can't seem to stop wanting to highlight each of our completed workouts on our training schedule.  Phil keeps telling me to stop putting pressure on myself to follow the plan, and yet, I can't help myself!
We ran ELEVEN miles on Sunday (that felt really good) and have a 12 mile run scheduled this week.  Crazy!

John-Paul played on a Trivia Team last night (just for fun at our high school) and his team of Sophomores won!!  They beat all the Seniors and Juniors and really shocked everyone (especially themselves).  He came home so excited to tell us all about it, and for a moment, I saw the young kid in him again.  It was so sweet and encouraging to see him shine.  

Alexander had his first basketball practice of the season yesterday and his coach (who has only coached girls in the past) called me over at the end of it to say "Boys are way different than girls, huh?"  Yup!!  And I'm not sure what that meant about Xander's performance but I don't think I really want to find out.  Let's move on to something he's good at...piano!  He's started playing with two hands and has many songs memorized, it's been really great for him.  He keeps talking about all the other instruments he wants to learn!  
School photos 2018

Declan has been counting down the days to Thanksgiving - not for the holiday - but for the days that we will all be at home together.  SO sweet!  Brendan is still strongly stuck in the Terrible Twos but cracks us up multiple times a day with the games he plays and the way he dances.  He can count to 40 and say the whole alphabet, knows all his colors and shapes and just blows us away.  He also whines all the time and won't eat meals but steals snacks out of the pantry and wants to be held but can't sit still...you know the type.  

And finally, we went to a vocation fundraiser at our church, dinner and the Price is Right show.  It was SO.MUCH.FUN.  Phil got called to be on the show, and he won his game (Higher Lower) and then he went to the Showcase Showdown and won the whole thing!  We ended up getting a bunch of gift cards and a big wreath.  So lucky!  The kids were thrilled, after they got over the fact that he was not winning the prizes he had to price (a boat, a trip to Hawaii, etc).  Cuties.

And that is all she wrote because my mind needs to focus on cleaning and cooking for Thanksgiving.  We are hosting, but only two of my siblings and their families are coming, plus my parents, so it will be really small this year.  Everyone brings dishes and it makes it easy and fun, it's just making sure I have everything in the house that we *might* need before the big day.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day everybody!  Eat lots, laugh lots, and love lots.  We never know when it could be our last one :)

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