Monday, December 3, 2018

My Jacuzzi Baby Turns Eleven

Eleven years ago, against hospital rules (state law?) Maggie was born underwater in the jacuzzi, after the world's fastest labor and my first natural delivery.  And the girl hasn't stopped pushing the boundaries since :)  

3 year old Maggie Moo
Maggie is our beautiful, intelligent, self-proclaimed compulsive cleaner, athletically gifted, aggressive on the field/court, opinionated, holy child of God whose spiritual life is the stuff saints stories are made of.  She's a wonderful friend and tries her hardest to be a good sister to her six brothers, but that's usually asking too much.  She still prays for a sister daily, and believes her life would be much better if God would only give her one.

Since her birthday was on a Saturday, she got to pick all the meals that day, and started out with homemade waffles.  She had a basketball game that morning, and so we gave her one of her gifts to wear at the game.

Black Nike Elite socks.  They were at the top of her birthday lists - yes lists - that she conveniently left all over the house a month before her actual birthday.  Girl is thorough!

She played great the whole game, but hadn't scored until the very end and we all went crazy because it was her Birthday Shot!

Phil baked his famous chocolate chip cookies for her dessert (ice cream cookie sundaes) and we had a pretty chill rest of the day.  

After a yummy dinner (if I do say so myself) of Maple Chicken, Green Beans, and Rice, Maggie opened some more gifts.  Gammy and Grandpa gave her a new Patriots shirt (my mom loves Tom Brady!):

The Two Maggies

She got some new slippers, shoes that don't fit (stop growing! they're size 6.5!) an Under Armour sports bag and a gift certificate to bring two friends ice skating sometime soon.  She loves to ice skate and my sister keeps trying to get her to play hockey, but mama don't allow that.

(notice the outfit change)

Then it was time for the cookie sundaes and the end of a very good day!  She was tired after having a hard time sleeping the night before (due to birthday excitement anticipation) and went to bed around 8.  Maggie just puts herself to bed when she is tired - something most of my boys fight tooth and nail.  

We love you Margaret Rosemary, and thank God for that little bundle of pink eleven years ago.  Sometimes I think you're our only girl because God couldn't give us another as perfect as you.  You are certainly one of a kind and I'm so glad you're mine :)


  1. What a sweet, sweet post! Happy Birthday to Maggie!

  2. Maggie is beautiful!! Happy birthday to her!!

  3. She's a beautiful girl. I can't believe she's 11 already!


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