Friday, January 18, 2019

7QT: March for Life, Run for Life, Patriots for Life

It's a (barely) snowy Friday morning here - we've had such a nice dry winter, I can't complain at all, plus it's Friday and the Patriots are in the playoffs this weekend, so Colleen's a happy girl! 

Why you gotta talk about yourself in the third person, Colleen?

That's a good question, Colleen.  I'll get back to you.


My three oldest babies are marching for life today!!


When JP gets home on Saturday night, he'll be exhausted, then he has to work at Market Basket on Sunday, run in a conference track meet on Monday (he's gone for 7 hours), and then start midterms on Tuesday.  I feel bad for him, but I know these are valuable lessons in time management.  He did prep his study guides before he left for the March, and he brought things with him to study on the bus, but he also knew that wasn't likely going to happen.  On Wednesday, his college class starts for the Cyber Security Program he got into.  That'll be another post once we figure it all out - lots of paperwork and expectations and dual enrollment credits to work out.  He's a busy bee!


Phil and I are feeling really weird without our big boys home.  I am constantly missing them, yet happy they get to experience this.  We are trying to give the younger set some extra attention and fun things to do.  We've got planned:  indoor rock climbing for Maggie + Xander, Make Your Own Pizzas for dinner, family movie night (would love any Netflix or Prime or Hulu suggestions!), out for breakfast tomorrow, and swimming at the indoor pool with water slide.  I have to admit, it IS nice to just focus on keeping the younger ones happy and entertained.


Half-marathon training is going very well.  I am committed to my runs and thankfully the weather is cooperating nicely.  I'm running about 30 miles a week, with a long run on the weekend between 10-12 miles.  I've been squeezing in runs after Phil gets home from coaching, in the wee hours of the morning, and during the baby's nap time on weekends.  

The longer runs feel easier, but we run them very slow (between 9:30-10 min miles) and my treadmill runs are getting faster (pace is between 8:30-9 min miles) but they are still so hard.  I want my natural pace to be below 9 min miles and easy.  That's probably to much to ask of this old body of mine.


I came across this poem while reading in Adoration this week and just adored (pun intended) it.  It speaks to my heart right now, when it's so easy to get frazzled by all the activities on our schedule, and it reminds me of this post where I wrote about God giving us our daily bread and not our tomorrow bread.  We need to live in the moment and keep trying to do His Will in our vocation and just DO THE NEXT THING.  It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that!

If you're on a low-carb diet or just like quiche, I made this recipe this week, and it was surprisingly good.  There's only 5 eggs in the recipe, and no milk/cream, so it was thick to spread in the pan, but it came out yummy.  I substituted peppers for the mushrooms cuz I'm not a fun guy.  Heehee, get it?


Guys.  I am really nervous for Sunday's playoff game.  

Phil wanted to invite friends over to watch with us, but I really think I'm going to be curled up in a ball peeking out from under a blanket, watching what should be a very close game.  I won't want to talk to anyone and I will be yelling at the tv.  That's not the recipe for hostest with the mostest.  

Have a wonderful looooong weekend everybody!  Please say a prayer for the safety of those marching and travelling, go see Kelly's new home (I'm so happy for her family!) and thanks to MLK for being awesome :)

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