Monday, December 31, 2018

Seasonal Goodness: Christmas 2018

Happy New Year!!  I've been meaning to post all the photos from our past week off and was having too much fun enjoying life to stop to document it.  But today is a no-plans-until-3pm kinda day, and so here I am recapping the end of 2018 for the old blog book.

I had such good intentions of taking the kids somewhere to get into the holiday festivities, but between Winter Track schedule (Phil coaches and JP plays) and the 3 Basketball teams (4 if you count Xander's weekly instructional practice), our time was extremely limited.  On top of all that normal business, our very sharing family passed around the stomach bug and it was like a row of the slowest falling dominoes ever.  Every child got the bug but were recovered in time to head out to a nearby park that decorates for Christmas.  While we were there, they were passing out hot cocoa and candy canes, and ST. Nick even showed up.  God is good and checked all my boxes.

Then on Christmas Eve morning, I went down with the bug.  Guys, Christmas Eve is MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR and I was so sad but mostly too sick to care.  Maggie felt especially empathetic:

Thankfully, the kids were still able to celebrate the annual Jesus' Birthday Party with some cousins at my parents house.  But we had to reschedule our Mass plans and cancel going up to my sister's house the next day.  I wasn't sure how I would feel and I didn't want to infect anyone else.  The kids were bummed to miss out on the big Christmas party with all the Sweeney cousins and especially to miss out on the Sweeney Swap gift exchange.  Phil handled all the Christmas Eve prep (and was grateful I wrapped the gifts well before this night!) 

The little buggers woke up before 6 and had to wait until we woke the big kids up for the stairs picture.

Then they were allowed to come down and open stockings before 8 am Mass:

We went to Mass, and while I enjoyed the peaceful emptier church, there is something so beautiful about going to Mass on Christmas Eve and singing all the Christmas songs knowing He is coming!!!  Singing Silent Night at 8 am just doesn't have the same feels, ya know?

Then we came home, popped the world's best cinnamon rolls in the oven, poured some coffee, and started with the gifts!  One at a time, and three gifts for each...

The three amigos all got to open their sack which had Avengers sheets and comforter for their beds:

Then they got to open their BIG present - a bunk bed!!  Lots of happy dancing ensued:

Then it was the big kids turn to open the family gift...

XBox One controllers and some games.

But we don't have an XBox?!?

Until now!  Finally, the Xbox One!!

I love seeing my kids' reactions.  I have no idea where they get it from ;)

I love my new toothbrush.  And pajamas, and Rachel's book, and Vivian's book.

Declan would open a gift and have to keep it right next to him.  Then if he moved to a different seat, he would take his whole pile with him.  Methinks it's the product of being number 6 in a big family...keep a hand on your stuff or someone else will.

A sweet Patriots zip up.

Phil got a new Garmin watch, after his third Fitbit broke:

And we spent the day playing, setting up the XBox and bunk beds, and cooking this delicious brisket.  It was a very nice family day indeed, and just what our souls needed - time to relax and enjoy.  

After Christmas, Phil's parents came up and we had a second Christmas with them and got to hang out for a few days...

On New Year's Eve, we went to a playground in the morning, ran 8 miles at nap time, and then took the kids swimming at the Y in the afternoon.  We showered and headed to Mass for the Vigil of the Solemnity Mary Mother of God, and then home for some Chinese food, sparkling apple cider and fireworks (across the street!).  It was a great day and we've really enjoyed this break from all.the.activities.  

My fortune cookie was doubly lucky, and I'm hoping it bodes well for 2019 - but also hoping it doesn't mean twins are in my future ;)

I hope you all had some wonderful family time, and prayers for a Healthy, Happy, and Holy New Year!


  1. Haha, I totally feel the same about singing Silent Night at Christmas morning mass. Our church has SEVEN Christmas Eve masses (three in the four o'clock hour in different locations!) but they are so packed that we just go to morning mass. I'm looking forward to the time we can try midnight mass with our girls.
    Also, so sorry you were sick!! I always feel incredulous when sickness comes on holidays because there are 365 days in a year and what are the odds for those few special days?!

    1. Seriously! It's like I was allowed to care for the kids and get ready for Christmas and then as soon as the fun started happening BAM! Sick!

  2. Sorry you were sick on Christmas Eve. It looks like a perfectly wonderful Christmas otherwise! And are you pregnant???????

    1. Why would you say such a thing?!?!? NOT preggers :)

  3. Hi Colleen - the link to "Vivian's book" takes you to the toothbrush.

  4. Such a bummer that you were sick. We do the Christmas morning Mass because my kids just can't handle the messed up sleep schedules of late night Christmas Eve. And the 4:00pm is so crowded you have to be there at least an hour ahead and I just can't. But yes, Silent Night in the morning seems silly.


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