Sunday, May 5, 2019

The First Holy Communion of the Fifth Child

Our handsome and wild Alexander Blaise made his First Holy Communion!

It was such a special day that he needed both hair gel (the barber told me how to buy it cheap and it smells very manly!) and hair spray.  Declan insisted hair spray was just for ladies, but Xander informed him he didn't know anything about hair yet since he's only five.  Obviously.

Our parish has all the kids wear robes, which we love because then everyone looks the same!  No beauty pageant here.  Just little hearts ready to receive Jesus for the first time!

We are only allowed to take photos when they process in and then at the end, so here's a few blurry ones for ya....

My three older boys served, as well as Xander's two cousins.  It was a family-filled event and so beautiful!

At the end, the kids sang O Sacrament Most Holy, and it was impossible to keep a dry eye.  What pure little souls they have.

After Xander received the Eucharist, Brendan (age 2) started saying over and over "I want to eat Mary!" because, you know, his brother had already eaten Jesus.  Everybody around us was giggling :)

Xander was smiling so big and nice for all the photos.  He was really excited to be making his first communion.

I had to get a photo of Xander with the altar servers and our pastor.  It was a rainy day outside, but it was all sunshine and smiles in here!  Now that he's received Communion, Alexander can train to be an altar server this summer.  My heart might burst from happiness to see four of my sons on the altar at the same time.  Stay tuned.

And one with Gammy and Grandpa, of course :)  Alexander goes downstairs to visit with them everyday, fills them in on all the family secrets news and then practices piano with Gammy.  It's a wonderful relationship they all share.

Last one with good old Mom and Dad.  What a sweet boy.

We went out for Chinese food after (his choice!) and then home for some cake.  Mamas, if you don't have one already, go purchase a Cross Cake Pan and you will always be ready for any sacrament :)  We will celebrate with the rest of the family next weekend when my niece makes her Confirmation.  Always a reason for a party in this family!  Yay!

Congrats Alexander Blaise Martin.  May you always stay as close to Jesus as you were today.  We are so proud of you and we love you forever.


  1. Goodness he looks so old and handsome!!! Congratulations to Xander ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Congratulations to all of you, especially Xander. How wonderful!!

  3. Congratulations to him!!


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