Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Xander Turns Nine (and Into A Top Secret Spy)

Alexander's birthday lists never disappoint.  This year, he asked for spy equipment, and boy oh boy did he receive it!  We have all been under constant surveillance since.

First up, handcuffs.  Brendan, age 3, said, "Oh good thing you get handcuffs so when the bad guys come you can lock them up!"  Considering these handcuffs can be easily opened by the person locked up, I hope no bad guys ever come.

Declan playing the role of bad guy.

We pulled out the nice plates and Maggie created name tags, and we had a lovely dinner.  The flowers are from Phil to me (I get flowers on each kid's birthday because, you know, labor.  And he spoils me.)

Auntie Sue, his godmother, sent him this awesome Spy Kit:

Gammy sent him a harmonica with a book so he can teach himself another instrument.

And his Nana gave him a book about space and another book with lots of facts to learn (one of his favorite pastimes while sitting on the toilet couch).

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs and salad with croutons and rolls, per order of the birthday boy.

Dessert was a make-your-own sundae.  Easy and cool for a summer birthday.

He then blew the candle out with his nose, as an Alexander does.

He also received invisible ink pens, a surveillance kit, long shoehorns (he was so excited to get this after seeing his grandpa's), 5000 Facts About Everything, volume 3 and a generous cash gift from his godfather (which he immediately spent on this).  

Overall, Alexander had a great, wonderful, terrific, very good day...unlike the well-known fictional character of the same name.

We love you so much Xander B.  You make us laugh and want to pull our hair out daily :)  Your curious mind never stops, and you are so sensitive and sweet.  You love piano, serving at Mass, reading, screen time, dancing, eating, and generally being an indoor cat.  I can't believe you are nine, and I can't believe you are mine.  We all love you so much!

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