Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kid Sayings

There are quite a few words my children mispronounce or use incorrectly. Every time they do, I'm torn between correcting their grammar or not. Now I know as a good mother in the role of teacher, I should gently correct their mistakes and let them know how to properly pronounce the words they are trying to say. But the other side of me, the they're-just-little-kids-who-are-growing-up-so-fast-and-won't-be-this-cute-and-innocent-for-much-longer side wants to let them keep using words improperly because every time they use one of these cute phrases, my heart just melts. Oh, a mother's dilemma! Here are some examples of their verbal blunders:

John Paul:
"nickel" = freckle or nipple
"near" = mirror
"naybe" = maybe
"curvy" = curly (example, "That girl has curvy hair")
"blond" = fair-skinned and "brown" = dark-skinned (example, "My cousin Bridget is blond, but my friend Jayce is brown).

"pupcake" = cupcake
Almost all of his L's sound like W's due to a small speech problem, so a typical sentence sounds like "I weally, weally want a wowipop".
He also adds -ed to the end of a word to make it past tense, even when it's not correct (example, "Today we wented to the playground and I runded and fallded and hurted my knee").

This kid is bi-lingual, instead of saying water, he says "agua".
For one of his favorite shows, Peep, he just sticks his tongue in between his lips and blows.
He also says the second half of lots of words; "imee" = slimy, "uk" = work, "ot" = hot, and so on.

May the Good Lord allow these cute and innocent times to continue for a good while longer!

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