Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I Want

Lately, I've been seeing things I would love to have, but don't really need. I get in these moods sometimes where I wish I could go on huge shopping sprees and buy whatever I wanted.
Phil thinks this is the reason that we are not rich. His theory is that if we had a lot of money, I would turn into a worse person because I would lose sight of trusting in God's providence, and become too materialistic. Sad thing is, he's totally right!
But, like every grandmother says, "This too shall pass" and in a couple weeks, I will hopefully realize that life does go on even if I don't have the things that I want. Because in reality, it's the people and the moments that matter in life.

But here's my list anyway:

This is a cordless electric broom. I hate sweeping the kitchen floor, and this would make it so much easier and faster to clean.

Wii Fit. We have the Wii system (thanks Fr. Dave!) which the boys love, but now I want my turn to use it regularly and maybe this will actually help with my weight loss goal.

I love to ski, but due to the high cost and all of the little kiddos, I haven't been since college. This looks like a fun way to satisfy the winter sport lover in me.

This is the new, updated, more scientifically advanced NFP book that CCL is selling. It's supposed to be much more clear with rules, easier to understand, and includes updated medical terminology. Sounds great!

This is a program to keep all my NFP charts on the computer instead of on paper. It also helps interpret the signs and makes it easy to email a CCL instructor if I need help determining my cycle.


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2008

    Don't forget a really nice Digital camera to take awesome pics of the kids. I hear you want that as well.

  2. thanks honey for reminding me...

  3. THATS IT!!! Oh my gosh, my list goes on & on...hehe.
    I know, I can't help but want things..maybe it stems from having nothing growing up w/ 8 siblings, LOL.


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