Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Sunday morning

Last night, Phil had Baccalaureate Mass at the high school he teaches at, and I went to Mass with the older boys in the afternoon, so today we didn't have our usual Sunday morning mad rush to get to 8:30 Mass on time. Instead, we made yogurt and fruit smoothies and banana muffins for breakfast, and took our time getting everybody dressed. It was nice!

Now, I am sitting here at my desk while Maggie is trying to fall asleep in her crib behind me. She's doing a great job of putting herself to sleep lately, especially when her music box is on and she has a little "softie" to hold (a soft doll or blanket).

It is so humid here already and it's only June 1st. The boys are outside playing while Phil is planting flowers in our window boxes and along the driveway. He has to go to Graduation today around noon. Later, we are going to my brother's house for a cookout after he and my brother-in-law Will complete their fishing derby. I think they've been out on the pond since 5am!! I hope they catch something great!

Oooooh, super, Maggie is sound asleep, what an awesome baby :-)

Here are some spring shots...
Phil planting the flower boxes, of course I picked the flower colors; pink, purple and white.

Finished product

The weeds, or as I like to call them, "misplaced flowers".

A random flowering plant

Eamon with his "water shooter", I can't encourage gun play.

Andrew and John-Paul with their sidewalk chalk.

My view from the porch.

The boys all have t-shirts with phrases on them. John-Paul's says "My Mom Rules".

Ain't this one the truth??

And, just in case you were wondering...he is still single. For now anyways!

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