Monday, June 2, 2008

Bathing Suit Season

AAAHHHHH! It's almost time to pull out the old bathing suit for the hot summer months. I've been avoiding this for a while because I still have not shed my pregnancy weight from the last couple of babies!

The past 2 summers, I have been pregnant and therefore have had the luxury of wearing maternity bathing suits. No need to suck in your stomach or worry about being called fat! It's great!

But now, it's my first summer in three years that I will not be pregnant (actually, it will be my first summer since I've been married that I haven't been pregnant or nursing!). I have no more excuses as to why my belly is sticking out, or why my hips and backside are a little wider than usual. I'm just plain old overweight. Yuck.

Why can't it be really cool, fashionable and healthy to be fat? You know, like in those old portraits of the curvaceous women painted many moons ago. Back then, it was cool to be plus-size because it meant you were rich enough to eat whatever you wanted and not work. Being skinny showed you were poor and a low-class worker. But now, all those rich Hollywood stars have made it the other way around. C'mon, when can a mom-of-four catch a break?

The only good thing about the approach of bathing suit season is that I am much more focused on what I am eating and how much I am exercising. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I will be about 5 pounds slimmer and feel better much about myself. I'll keep you posted!

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