Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Phil!

My honey turned 28 today! Wow, he's getting so old ;-)

In the morning, I let Phil sleep in and tried to keep the kids quiet while I got them dressed and packed them in the car to go get donuts from our favorite donut shop. I'm not sure which he appreciated more...the donuts or the sleeping-in!?!?

Then, we went to a Cranberry Festival and the kids bounced in the Bounce House, rode horses, got their faces painted, made necklaces, and got balloon animals. Needless to say they had a bunch of fun.

This evening, we went to Mass and then to a dinner at our parish celebrating 100 years. We had to leave early to get the kids home to bed, and then Phil and I went out on a date!

Wow, what a fun and busy day. So Happy Happy Birthday Phil, you have 5 people in this house who adore you no matter how old and wrinkly you become!

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