Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kids for Life

One of the sacrifices we made as a family for the 40 Days for Life was to drive to the last remaining abortion clinic in our Diocese. We traveled an hour each way to stand outside and pray with some faithful priests from our diocese, as well as other wonderful "Pro-Lifers".

I think it was uplifting for people to see young kids holding a pro-life sign. Of course, we didn't tell our boys about abortion, we just told them we were going to pray for the babies in their mommy's belly's. They don't need to know about the horrors of abortion just yet.

Going to pray outside of this abortion clinic was so peaceful, no protesters were there. Back when I was a student at Franciscan University of Steubenviile, we used to go pray outside an abortion clinic in Pittsburgh, and boy was the scene completely different.

In Pittsburgh, they had these women (escorts) who would stand outside the doors and pull the scared, vulnerable girls inside before they had a chance to listen to what we would try to tell them. These same women would yell at us, telling us to respect "choice"...of course they only meant the "choice" of the women choosing abortions, not the "choice" of the babies being murdered.

Even with these pro-abortion escorts, many babies were saved through the prayers and gentle words of us pro-lifers. Thanks be to God!

Praying outside an abortion clinic is definitely outside my comfort zone, not something I would normally choose to do. However, back when I was at FUS, there were all these signs that were hung around the dorms urging students to pray at the abortion clinic on Saturday mornings.

The most effective one I ever read said "If a mother can wake up at 5am to murder her baby, then you can wake up to pray for them." Powerful stuff!!

Here's your daily devotional...keep praying to end abortion!

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