Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Fast Day on a Feast Day?

As you all probably know, today is Ash Wednesday but also a double birthday in this house; John-Paul turns 6 today and I turn, ummm, errr, 20-10, how about that?

Happy Birthday to my handsome, brilliant, sweet boy. You are my best birthday gift ever!
We've celebrated this day three times already! First, my mom and dad had us over for dinner last week to celebrate and cooked my favorite meal, Chicken Cordon Bleu. Then, Phil's mom and dad got a cake and ice cream and we had a little party at the house this weekend while they were visiting. And on Valentine's Day, Phil completely surprised me by "taking me out for a Valentine's dinner" that was actually a surprise birthday party with friends and family. It was at an awesome Irish restaurant, complete with an Irish band. We had a great time, and I'm partied out!

(That last one was because my cake said Happy 30th Birthday...the nerve!)


  1. Happy Birthday to you and John Paul! (I was right with my FB comment!)

    I just wanted to tell you.. you may have just turned the big 30, but Colleen, you look just as young as you did back in college! Your 4 kids haven't aged you at all! (I guess most of that happens during the high school years though, huh! haha)

    I had to chucked about the chicken cordonbleu (sp?) I remember in Austria we ate it a million times, even when we traveled!


  2. Happy Birthday to you and John Paul! What fun birthday celebrations you have had. Cute pictures!!!


  3. Oh, happy birthday to you both. It sounds like a crazy busy time for you animals!!
    Love the pictures and the one w/ your 30 cake is priceless!!
    I hope you both have a fantastic year to come.

  4. Sorry we missed your party-but we had a good excuse :) We'll have to have a make-up party now that we are home and if you are nice to me I'll give you a birthday gift...I got you something cool in South Africa but I think someone stole my bag so you may never get it. Hopefully they'll 'find' my bag and 'deliver if right away' but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one...anyway call me when you get a chane.

    Did you miss me?!?!?

  5. Happy Birthday to you and John Paul. 30 really is quite young. Wait until you hit 40.

  6. Hope it was a good one! Happy bday!

  7. Happy 30th! It's not so bad. It does feel funny to say it for the first few months. Now I'm in my 30s? Whew!


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