Friday, May 1, 2009

Hi Lo: May 1st


1) Weight loss this (first) week is 4.5 pounds! I know that's water weight, but at least I'm moving in the right direction.

2) I got to go out last night with my friend Laura, we went and had an appetizer and then to the Catholic High School to see Seussical the Musical. It was fun, and we definitely wanted to support our friends Jess and Sean who directed and designed the set, respectively.

3) We have had beautiful weather this week which makes finding cheap, fun, family activities so easy. Repeat after me: PLAYGROUNDS!


1) Maggie needs ear tubes. Her ear infection won't go away after 2 rounds of antibiotics and she has lots of fluid in there. We are going to see the ENT (the same one who put tubes in Andrew and Eamon's ears) on May 12th for the consultation. Poor girl has to remain on antibiotics until the surgery, so I hope it gets scheduled soon!

2) The kids have been fighting constantly. Not a lot of physical stuff, more verbal. I feel like I should be wearing a referee shirt all day. I think it could be due to the fact they are falling asleep later because it's still light out when they go to bed.

3) Phil lost 10 pounds this first week. That is not a typo - TEN pounds. What the heck? I'm listing this as a low because it is just so not fair ;)

That's it for this week - what are your highs and lows?


  1. Love the new picture of the kids. The boys look so cute in their matching shirts. And Maggie of course is adorable regardless of what she wears.

  2. Wow, 4.5 pounds, that's amazing! :)

    I couldn't find an email for you, so I'll respond to the cloth wipes comment here ;)

    Along the same lines as cloth diapering, once you have a "dirty" wipe, you wash it. I don't cloth diaper (yet), but hopefully ~ once I get the go-ahead from hubby ~ I'll just wash my dipes and wipes together. Just throw the dirty wipes (or dipes or whatever) in a wet bag until you're ready to wash :) Of course, this is easier said than done. I'm with you, I am so used to just throwing everything away. Sandwich baggies, paper towels, wipes. It'll be a new experience for me :)

  3. One of my Hi's this week is I lost 6 pounds! Yeah!
    One of my low's is that I'm still absorbing the fact that my 14 year old wants to go back to public school next year:(

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment on my family:)

  4. I totally agree with it being a low that he lost 10 lbs...why is it so much easier for guys to lose weight than us women!

    Oh...and Adam's gone FOUR nights in a row now, sleeping all night! woo hoo!

  5. Colleen congratulations on the 4.5 lbs! that is FANTASTIC! Water or not, the scale is MOVING and that can be so encouraging :-)

    And may I borrow your referee shirt? My throat actually hurts from raising my voice so much - but how do you get them to sleep in when they are up with the sun? (little reverse vampires!)

  6. Hi Colleen - Just wanted to let you know I left a response to your question on my blog, in the comments section after the post.

    I would think the fatigue qualifies a low for me all the time.

    My husband got called back to work for next week, so it's a high and low because, of course, work is good because it pays the bills. But I really like having him around and we didn't get much done in terms of house projects. Oh well. :)

    Good for you on the 4.5 lbs. I really HOPE and PRAY that I'll experience a transformation if and when I get the CPAP so I'll have more energy to exercise, etc.

  7. SUCH beautiful children!
    And you're right...that's NOT fair...but 4.5 is GREAT TOO! Good for you!!!!!!!! Hope your little one's ears feel better :)

  8. It's me again :) Just wanted to let you know I've got an award for you!

  9. Glad that going out with me was on the "hi" list and not the "lo" list. I can't believe you lost that much weight this week and that Phil lost ten!! Thats great. It almost makes me want to go an exercise...

  10. Holy Moly girl 4.5lbs. That's amazing. I totally agree it is not fair that men lose weight so much faster/easier then women. Sigh.

    As for the least you got into the ENT quickly. That's a HI!

    Love these lists you do :)

  11. Oh my goodness... the new header photo is SOOOO cute!

    i had to laugh out loud when I read your final "low" too. It's just not fair, is it?

  12. What a good week! Except for the ear tubes...

    And 4.5 pounds is amazing in one week! I have been working out for a month straight and keep gaining and losing the same 2 pounds the whole time. How do men lose weight so easily, arrrgh. I think it's only fair that since we have to be pregnant and stretch our bodies out, we should be the ones that can lose 10 pounds in one week!


  13. Cute new header photo. What darlings!!
    Hey, kudos on the 4.5 lbs.!! And what?? 10 lbs. for hubby!!
    How do you two do it?? I know you are far more athletic than myself, but that is super work!
    Please tell what your 'secrets' are...maybe in a future post??

    And...oh yes..hear you on the referee job!! My two have now successfully figured out how to push one another's buttons to get maximum/desired effect. There have been tough days here too....*sigh*

  14. Ugh. 10 pounds? Definitely not fair (good for Phil, though!).

    I often think of buying myself a referee shirt. I bought myself a whistle for the summer. No kidding.


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