Saturday, June 13, 2009

John-Paul Graduates from Kindergarten

On Wednesday night, J-P's Kindergarten class had their graduation/celebration show. It was so well done! His teacher, Sister M. choreographed the whole thing - there were songs, dance numbers, and each child introduced a different part of the show and they all memorized their lines!
John-Paul had to introduce the class cheer, and said:
Some schools don't even give a class yell,
The reason for this, they say,
Is yelling won't be quite proper,
But our principal says it's okay!

So now we'll stand and give our cheer
And give it loud and strong.
Kindergarten, are you ready?

(All the students shouted "YEAH" and then began their cheer)

They also told the story of Creation, and a tale about Blessed Father Damien. You just can't beat a great Catholic education! At the end of the performance, the Kindergarteners dressed up and sang "First Grade, First Grade" to the tune of "New York, New York". It was awesome! (and a little emotional!)

Congratulations to our big John-Paul, our handsome and brilliant first grader :)


  1. How cute are they!! Congrats to the little graduate:)

  2. Congrats John Paul! Congrats Colleen on having a First Grader!!

  3. Even though I've only known John-Paul for about a year now-I can't believe that he is going to be in first grade! What a BIG KID!!

    Congrats JP! (Also, I tried to go, ut your mother lef ther cell phone at home...)

  4. Congrats to you and John-Paul. I recently attended my son's preschool graduation. He's ready to be a big kindergartener now.


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