Monday, July 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts

1) Why does Blogger call it "word verification" when you have to type in something that is obviously so NOT a word in order to leave a comment. I would be so happy if I had to type in "apple" or "plate" ~ but no, I am asked to type in appeleyin or ploatti. Why not just ask me to type in sdakljfhasldjifhlaksfhlkasfhfbyervgk, because I seem to never get it right anyway ;)

2) Word is a very weird word. Seriously.

3) How come everyone tells me how great my hair looks after I've just made an appointment to chop it all off?

4) That's all my deep thoughts for now. Surprised? Don't be. Turns out I'm not that deep after all :)


  1. LOL! Thanks for my Monday morning chuckle. How true, how true. I've also wondered quite often about the word silly those things are.
    Love the thought on the hair...yes, how is it that it goes that way? Any other time and you've gotta almost BEG for a comment on your hair..
    Ah, the woes of women!

  2. I always thought the word verification thing was wacky seems ONLY a computer can read most of them anyway!
    I get you on the hair thing...same story all the time. :)

  3. I totally agree with you on the word verification. For yours, I have to type "pacias"...what word is that?!

    Thanks for the Monday laughs! :)

  4. Ahhh the word verification. I agree, can't I just spell a real word??? Today I have "salyab" What the heck is a salyab?

  5. Whenever I see the word "word" I can't help but think of Jesus, the original Word! I think of the word verification as a way of connecting to God by slowing down and carefully typing in each letter just as in life we should slow down and carefully ponder God's presence in our lives!

    Cute post-love the picture!

  6. Haha! I love these! I totally agree on the "word" verification thing! :P

  7. LOL Love it. Half the time I get it wrong and have to type in my word twice.
    My word now

  8. I always think it would be good to come up with a blogger word list and give them meanings.

    My word today is feciess which I suppose could mean a fierce duchess.


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