Friday, July 10, 2009

Hi Lo: July 10


1) Eamon pees on the potty!! He will be 3 years old in September, and needs to be potty trained for school. He wears pull-ups, but keeps them dry all day (as long as we bring him to the potty every hour or so). Poop is another issue ;)

2) Only one child in diapers!! (Maggie)

3) The boys have started in a Summer Track Club, and it's been awesome. We haven't done it in the past because it's from 6-8 pm, which is past our strict bedtime schedule, but as they have gotten older, we are trying to extend the time a little in the summer. They are having obscene amounts of fun and learning so much. The program is twice a week and they learn to run sprints, relay race, throw (children's) javelin, shot put, and discus, long jump, do an obstacle course, etc. I love getting them involved in activities to keep them fit and healthy!

4) Happy First Birthday to my nephew, P.J. on July 5th!!

5) Happy Birthday to my Dad on July 9th!!


1) Hmmmmm, the rain is still a pain, but we've had a few sunny days around here. No beach days yet, which I can't believe! Usually we are at the beach all the time in July because the water is too cool in June, and the jellyfish come out in August. Hopefully next week we'll get a few.

2) Still too busy to take pictures of the house. Well, also because we haven't finished hanging everything back up or buying all the curtains and blinds that we need. And my Type-A personality needs everything in order first :)

That's it for this week....what are your highs and lows for the week?


  1. Love your list and think of the money you will save with ONLY one in diapers!!!
    My lo: My daughter not getting her big 16th birthday party.

    My Hi: spending an hour in the car with her yesterday teaching drivers ed....well, maybe that was a lo too. :)

  2. Oh I am so jealous of your potty success - we will get there soon! I want to work with Sarah (3 in early Oct) once the kids go back to school. Then I'll only have 1 in diapers (8 years later!)


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