Friday, July 31, 2009

Frugal Friday

But hurry, it's only for July 30th to August 2!!
What great timing for some back-to-school shopping and end-of-summer clearance. That is, if you're into new clothes and saving money.
You could even be a good doobie and print a couple coupons to hand out to other shoppers when you go to the store. Nothing like finding a good deed to do while shopping - makes me feel MUCH less guilty :)


  1. Will be using my coupon tomorrow!!! Have a grand weekend!!! Cathy

  2. THANK YOU for this Colleen!!
    I just ordered and started Lily's bday shopping and Christmas shopping already!! I saved over $40!! I'm THRILLED! :D

  3. great! When are we going?

  4. I wanted to get in on the thank yous too, because you just helped me save almost 50 bucks. Thanks! :)


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