Monday, August 3, 2009

Is God trying to tell me something?

Well, I was in week seven (out of twelve) of training for a half-marathon, but things keep happening to put me off schedule.

First, I had the wisdom teeth out, and lost a few days of exercise.

Second, the weather got so hot and humid that I normally can't even run outside in the early morning, and I HATE running on treadmills (but I still do it).

Third, I finally got the paperwork back from my CPA Exam application letting me know that I had to schedule the first part of my exam. I chose October 1st (so that maybe I could get a little extra help from St. Therese???) and now have to spend my time studying, studying, and more studying.

Finally, yesterday I woke up early to run outside since it wasn't too hot and humid for a change. I started out on what should have been my 8 mile run, and about a quarter mile into it, I tripped and fell! I skinned my right knee really bad, and also my left knee and both hands. I walked home and bandaged myself up. I can't even bend my right knee or it starts bleeding all over the place, so I can't exercise until that heals up.

Aaaarggghhhhh, it's so frustrating!! What is God trying to tell me?? I've decided to wait and run my first half marathon in March, which is during tax season so I won't be studying for the CPA exam, and can focus on running in my free time instead.

Hahahhaha, I just cracked myself up typing "free time" because as all mother's know, that doesn't exist!! It's running around out there with the unicorns and leprechauns :)


  1. I don't know what he is trying to tell you??? perhaps you are taking on too much at one time????
    Sorry about the fall...I was afraid you were going to say you hit your face and messed up some TEETH!!!
    Take care, suz

  2. Oh Dear...hang in there baby!

  3. Yep, it may be time to but the half marathon on the backburner. Good luck with you CPA exam...

    PS How's your mouth doing?

  4. Sounds like too much pressure! Maybe he's telling you he loves you even if you have to walk the marathon!

  5. Hmm, maybe bring it to prayer and have a serious chat with God about it - "do you really want me to be doing this (or not doing this) right now?" God will answer and help you have peace about whatever your focus should be right now.

    You could also see these setbacks as a chance to persevere amidst the difficulty - it would make a great object lesson for your kids!

  6. I think it is a wise decision to put the half marathon off until March.

    Prayers for your hands and knees to heel really quickly.


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