Thursday, August 13, 2009

Au revoir allergies!

Yesterday I took John-Paul (age 6) to the allergist so he could complete the final step in determining he has outgrown his peanut allergy.

(He has previously passed the skin test and blood test.)

The allergist told me to bring some peanut butter so that we could give him an oral test and see if he had any reactions. I must admit that both the little guy and I were a bit nervous, but we tried to make the situation as exciting and silly as we could.

John-Paul was forced to eat peanut butter every 20 minutes or so, in increasing amounts, for an hour an a half. After he took his first bite of p.b. (in 5 years!) he said "MMMmmmm, this stuff is pretty good!" By the end of he visit, he decided that peanut butter was only "okay" (I think he ate too much).

The allergist kept examining J-P to make sure he wasn't reacting badly to the peanut butter, and they had the epi pen and oxygen ready, just in case. But, none of that was necessary as John-Paul passed with flying colors!!!! Thanks be to God!

When we got home, he was so proud of himself, and said the cutest thing: "Now when somebody gives me a cookie, I don't have to ask if it has nuts in it or not. I can just eat it!!"

Ahhh, yes John-Paul, you eat away at as many nut-filled cookies as you deserve it!
Now we won't have to send you to first grade wearing this:

Instead you can wear this:

(Actually you'll be wearing a uniform - but you get the point!!)


  1. Woo-Hoo!! Way to go John Paul. Yep, your cookie possibilities are now endless!!

  2. How wonderful...I'm sure the process was an adventure.
    Thank goodness the outcome was so
    great....endless cookie possibilities is well worth the effort!

  3. YAY for no peanut allergies! I happen to love peanut butter, myself ;)

  4. That is great! Thanks for coming by! I will be back!

  5. That is awesome! I know that sends Mom some HUGE relief...we are lucky none of our kids are allergic to nuts, but I can imagine the constant fear of your child coming in contact with it.


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