Thursday, August 6, 2009

Calling all moms...

I need help, advice, consolation, empathy, and a glass of wine ;)
Eamon will not fully potty train!! He can handle peeing in the potty, as long as we remind him. But after pooping in the potty three times, he refuses to do it anymore.
I have potty trained two boys already, and they were both scared to poop in the potty, but after they finally did it once, they continued doing it. Eamon will just sneak away and poop. It doesn't matter what he's wearing either - he has no problem pooping in a pull up or underwear. It's disgusting!
We have tried the candy reward approach, a pooping chart with the promise of a present at the end, taken away minutes from his nightly tv show when he poops in his underwear, but nothing seems to work!
Please, can anybody help me?? This guy needs to be trained within a month so he can go to preschool while I work. Any tips would be appreciated :)

P.S. Someone (sorry I can't remember who) asked me how we pronounce Eamon's name. It's just like Damon, only take off the D. It's an Irish name (I have a cousin with the same name) and I never thought it would be so unique, but we have found out that a LOT of people have never heard of it. He gets called EE-mon all the time, which drives me crazy, or Amen, which makes me smile :)


  1. I wish I had some advice for you, but nothing worked with William, other than him actually starting preschool and seeing all the other kids use the bathroom. He COULD do it, he just didn't want to. Stubborn child. Oh, and he had just turned FOUR.

  2. Well...I have not PERSONALLY used this approach, but I know SEVERAL people who have (including my eldest daughter with her daughter) and I am TOLD that it works wonders. Of course, you are rather "home-bound" when implementing it I'd say:
    The idea would be to put an oversized shirt on that his private parts are covered...but NOTHING on pull ups...Just little Eamon in his little glory so-to-speak, LOL
    You might have one very icky circumstance at some point...but I am told that once that happens it never happens again because children do not like to go to the bathroom on the floor. I know this sounds extreme...but you said "ANY" ideas would help...and the people I know who have used this method are really adamant that it works.
    Just a thought Colleen...just a thought ::SMILE::

  3. I don't know what to tell you, I haven't potty trained a boy but am in the process of working on it with Logan....If I come across some good advice, I'll pass it your way.

  4. So, I've only done this with girls and it sounds completely cruel and harsh. We decided that every time Sidney pooped in her pants, she would get a "cold" shower. "Cold" is relative to you, so make it lukewarm, make it ice cold, whatever you're comfortable with. Sidney wasn't used to showers or cold water and we only had to do it once and she started pooping in the potty again.

    I'm also a fan of the walking around without any bottoms on, if you can work that out with a boy. Pooping accidents are far less that way!

    Good luck! We're heading into that zone again with our youngest and I'm not looking forward to it!

  5. I haven't potty trained a boy yet, I'm kind of dreading it. Adam is 2 years, 4 months so I should be starting soon.

    I have been told to let them go nude outside (or inside, yuck) for a while, but I'm not comfortable with that. I just don't think they're puppies!!!

    Thanks for the pronounciation, that was puzzling me, lol! I like unique names very much...

  6. Potty trained four boys-I hate to say it was the most challenging part of parenting so far! I wish you luck and you have my prayers. Judy gives good advice!

    I also like the picture of the statue of Mary a few posts back, looks like a lovely location!

  7. I had a girlfriend who had her boys change and wash up their own dirty underwear and pants. They did not like that at all!
    Good luck

  8. I'm sorry, wish I could help you but I have no kids, so I don't know. :(

    May The Holy Spirit illuminate you so He can help you know what other way to help your son. :) Also pray to our Holy Mother for help. :D They are always here to help us. :)

  9. I don't really have advice, Landen was an easier toilet trainer and Amelia is still 'young' in my eyes and we kind of put it on the back burner with the baby ready to arrive any second I hope. have you tried totally freaking out happy like when he does poop on the potty. Or just go crazy to distract him from anything negative he may be thinking about while going on the potty. We always get really excited about "EVERYTHING" and it really helps.
    He also may be feeling a strange sensation while sitting on the potty, it's different than going in your pants, maybe putting a little potty ring in so there is more stability, etc.

    We did the naked approach, well baby legs and a t-shirt because it was Jan. when Landen trained. Good luck.

  10. My friends have had much success with the naked approach. I've also heard of the Potty Party. Everytime the child uses the potty for #1 or #2, they get a little party with a fun hat. (Like birthday party hats.) And you both sing a silly song and dance. I think the point is to make going potty fun and not scary. Good luck!


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