Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi Lo: August 7th


1) We got a new addition to our family, but I will post about that on Monday ;)

2) I was finally able to run after about a week of only walking. It felt awesome!

3) Some beautiful weather arrived yesterday and should remain through the weekend.

4) We just received the Purchase & Sales Agreement for buying the house and are currently reviewing it.
Things are finally moving forward!


1) John-Paul got a stomach bug on Tues and Wed.
He threw up about 4 times the first day and ate nothing all day until 8pm when he tried some soup. Then he woke up on the second day and threw up twice before he started getting better. Poor little guy, he is so pathetically skinny already :(

2) My knee is taking forever to heal. If I bandage it, then all the pus builds up but if I leave it unbandaged to start to dry up, it tightens up and I can't bend my knee. I'm trying to find a balance to help the healing process.
Here's a disgusting picture of my knee, 4 days after I fell:

3) I went to the dentist for a cleaning and have 5 cavities!! 4 of them were already discovered, and they were watching them for a while. The other one just popped up. I have the worst teeth...

4) Eamon continues to poop in his pull-up and underwear. We are trying the naked approach, and hope that will work.

5) I am studying for the Auditing section of the CPA Exam, and it's difficult, boring, and draining. I have a new appreciation for all CPA's who have passed this hellish exam ;)

Sorry that was a negative week - I usually try to look at the brighter side of life.

What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. YIKES COLLEEN! I am SO SO SORRY about your knee! That looks SO painful! I hadn't realized that you'd been injured...and on top of tooth surgery...buying a house...potty training...and hellish exams!!!!!!!!!! You poor dear! I am AMAZED at how much JOY still shines through your post under such circumstances!
    My entry is here:

  2. Gosh, your poor knee! Flush it constantly with peroxide and slather on the Neosporin, leave the bandage off and the Neo should keep it moist enough to be able to move.

    My high this week was finally getting registered for classes.

    My low has been fighting a migraine for 3 days now.

  3. Oh my! You had some rough lows this week. That knee looks painful--hope it heals soon. Cavities, yuck! I'm with you. I have some that they are 'watching' and it seems that I can be on a good roll and then go in and get socked with several problems/cavities.ugh.

    On the plus side, glad you were able to get back out running.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh ouch! One time I fell while rollerblading and it looked exactly like that! Not pleasant at all. And now my boyfriend wonders why I don't want to rollerblade any more haha!

    Yuck on the teeth too. I hate the dentist! I always have cavities too, so don't feel too bad. I don't have insurance so I haven't been in over a year, and I know when I do finally go again it will not be pretty probably :(

    Hope the naked approach for Eamon works for you guys!

  5. That knee really is disgusting. :) You poor thing...

    Also, praying for you. I'm sure you'll ace your big test coming up.


  6. Hi girl! Long time no blog {for me!} ;) I'm sorry about your week. I've had a similarly miserable one but am also trying to look at the bright side.

    *Ouch! That knee looks terrible :(

    *And by the way, I don't get the draw to camping either. But hubby loves it, so we do it for him :)

  7. Ahhhhhh. Your knee looks so painful that I want to cover it up!!!
    I hope you heal fast!
    Oh dear.

  8. Your knee looks NASTY!! But it did look better than that....AND the NEW EDITION to your family is going to make everyone think you are pregnant--so good move putting the pic after it cause then you just forget about it


  9. Youch- that knee looks nasty :( I'm glad you've been able to start running again though!

  10. Eeek - your knee looks so painful Colleen! That must really hurt.

    So exciting about your house. Sorry about the cavities!


  11. I like the Hi's and Lo's. I should try it. Yikes to your knee - that looks killer. I hope it heals quickly. Good luck with your exam.

  12. OMG your poor knee! WOW! Glad you got to go running, I know that is SUCH a stress reliever for me (killing me that I'm not right now!) What great highs! Boo on the lows! Thinking about you & the CPA exam - I never took it (lazy me) but I know it's hard - you can do it!

  13. Oh! I'm sorry about your knee and hope it heals soon. Good luck with naked potty training. It worked wonders for a friend of mine. I hope you have a good next week.


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