Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi Lo: September 11th


1) I ran 7.7 miles on Monday - longest run yet :)

2) This humble little blog is mentioned in the Family Foundations Magazine from CCL that just recently came out. (Anyone want to send me a copy??)

3) Kids are loving school!!


1) Phil has picked up an extra job doing security at the high school he teaches at. This means he works from 6-7:30 am before every school day starts, and then 2:30 to 6:30 on Tues and Thurs afternoons. We are trying to adjust to waking up early, and I am getting better at getting all 4 kids up, dressed, fed, backpacks packed, and out the door between 7-7:15. (Makes homeschooling so much more appealing!)

2) Studying...blah!
3) It's 9/11 - please remember all that lost their lives, and say a prayer for their families!

What are your highs and lows this week?


  1. Wow! Great run. Kudos!
    Really, you've been 'published'? Way to go. I'd love to see a copy..wonder where one can get one?? Maybe a dumb question, but what was the topic?
    Glad school is a success for the kiddos.Hooray!
    Good luck on that studying. I literally thought of you on Tusday realizing that you'd be back at it. That's the best I can do...can't help you with the studying or retaining the info. :)

  2. Congratulations on that run Colleen! I guess that means your knee healed nicely...which is another HI then!!
    Here's my entry:
    Sorry for your hubby's long hours...and you know me...I'll say: "Yes! Colleen! HOMESCHOOL! YES YES!!"
    Thanks for this meme :)

  3. Hi: still enjoying my birthday.
    Lo: I will never be able to run 7.7 miles. ;0

  4. 7.7 miles??!! That's AWESOME! And congrats on the mention in Family Foundations Magazine!

    Sounds like you've had a great week!

  5. 7.7 miles... WOW... i am super impressed.. if i tried that- yea i'm afraid i might have a great wkend!!!

  6. Cannot wait to see it!!!

  7. My legs will be tired for you!

    I will e-mail you pictures from the magazine. My scanner isn't cooperating or I would do that for you. Won't CCL send you a copy or two? Let me know if they don't.

    Congrats! How exciting!!!

  8. Hi Colleen!! Nice job with the 7.7 miles! I'm very impressed! While most ppl are quick to think 7.7 miles is sheer torture, you and I both know how absolutely wonderful it feels!! :-) nice job! You're such a super mom!!!!! Way to go!!!
    Ps-surely u know who this is :-p

  9. CCL will def. send you copies! I'm sorry they haven't arrived yet. I actually haven't gotten mine yet either. But I checked with the editor, and she does have the original list of addresses I sent. So yours should be arriving shortly. Sorry for the suspense! :)

  10. Wahoo on the run! That's fantastic - and a published writer too :)

    Hang in there on those long days, I know they are hard - Matt leaves tommorrow for Hawaii & won't return until Saturday afternoon. I may die (ha!)

    Study hard :)

  11. I saw your blog today in the magazine! Hubby got the mail and was looking through it and said "look it's your blog friend in here!"

    Loved the quote too!

    I haven't run 7.7 miles since I was 19, you go girl!


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