Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Party

On Labor Day, we had a birthday party for all the September babies in the family.

We currently have 5 September babies: Liam (10), Caitlin (7), Bridget (7), Eamon (3) and Grace (1).

We are quite a big crew when we get together, since I have 5 siblings and they are all married and all have 3 children.

Makes family parties a lot of fun!

Enjoy the slideshow in the post below :)


  1. How wonderful to have a big family to celebrate with!

  2. you are lucky we are really the only ones on both sides to have any children. dh's brother has one child. we both have several siblings but none of those are married/ and or have kids.

    happy sept bdays

  3. WOW! thats a lotta sept. babies! bet you guys had fun... i love birthdays!!

  4. I just love every single name...couldn't be cuter!

  5. Nice pics! Especially the one of you and the noise maker thing. Was this at Sue's house?

  6. I flipped open my Faith Foundations from CCL when it came in the mail today... and saw you! So exciting! Great photo, too!

  7. You have a lovely family. I love family parties they are the best!
    Yvette S.A.


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