Sunday, October 4, 2009

Five Already?

Can it be that my second lovie is FIVE?? Andrew has been counting down to this birthday for a while now, he is super excited!
Andrew was my biggest baby (8lbs 4oz) and when he came out with dark hair and blue eyes, I couldn't believe my luck!
He never had a bottle his whole life, just breast fed until he was about one. He also never had a pacifier, he was my only thumb sucker. The boy just preferred flesh to silicone, and who can blame him?

He started crawling at 6.5 months, and walked at 9.5 months - by far our earliest!! Andrew had a milk allergy and needed ear tubes around 16 months old. That was when he finally started to hear us clearly, and with the help of speech therapy was able to say more than just "Daditch" (his word for everything).
He was a typical crazy toddler boy that has grown into a typical crazy big boy:)

Here's his past birthdays in pictures:

And here he is now:

Still my handsome little devil!!

Andrew, you amaze me every day with your sparkling eyes, your reading prowess, the way you remember EVERYTHING, your passion for life, how you stopped sucking your thumb cold turkey, your swimming abilities, and your love of our family. We love you so much, and hope you have an amazing birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew. I hope you have a great day and get lots of presents.

  2. He is a handsome one.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday little man! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    Wow Colleen, another bday in your house? What fun. Your cuties sure are growing up into darling little people.
    Have a great time celebrating!

  4. My Philosopher (Joseph :-) ) will be 5 in December and I can't believe it! He is my oldest child too & I remember the day he was born as though it just happened!!! I love the pics! He's a cutie!

  5. Happy Birthday to Andrew! What a sweetie. Mine have never taken a bottle either, which was fine by me! Hope you guys have a very special day!

  6. Happy Birthday Andrew! He is such a handsome little boy!

  7. Happy birthday to your 5 year old!

    My husband also had a hearing problem, but that was because he was allergic to food dye. Once they got him on the Golden Diet (at 3 years old) he could finally hear his family, but he also had to do a lot of speech therapy to communicate well.

    His parents thought he was just a slow talker as boys tend to be, but when his little sister was talking more and better than him is when they got worried and had him tested for everything under the sun.

    Luckily, he grew out of that food allergy and has not passed it on to our boys. =)

  8. Happy Birthday Andrew! 5 is an AWESOME age to be :)

  9. Happy birthday, buddy! Five years slips by pretty quickly, it seems. My son Noah turns five on Tuesday! :)

  10. Happy birthday to your little guy. What cute pictures! Doesn't the time go by fast? I hope he had a great birthday!


  11. Happy Birthday to Andrew! He was born on the feast day of my favorite saint "Francis"

  12. Such a sweet birthday tribute!!! Yes, a handsome devil STILL. :)


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